Fags Vs Fags

Eltonia was a fuming fag...

Both Dolce & Gabbana (the two fags who created the brand of the same name) expressed themselves against so-called “gay marriage” and other modern ills, calling in vitro children “synthetic” and in general defending the only family that can be called such.

Invariably, Eltonia Joan (whom the world knows as Elton John) got a tantrum, and I can picture him whilst shredding all his – certainly numerous – Dolce & Gabbana clothes whilst insulting the two with a very high pitched voice, wowing never again to look like a fag clown in Dolce & Gabbana's, but only in other people's clothes.

What do we learn from this queenfight? That there are degrees of evil exactly as there will be degrees of punishment in hell. The ones, if they die in sodomitical mortal sin, will be damned. The others, if they die not only in the same mortal sin, but having vocally furthered even a mock sacrament and the adoption of the little ones by their own ilk, will truly desire that they were never born.

As Eltonia Joan abandons herself to her latest tantrum, the reality of hell is as concrete and inescapable as it always was. May the one or the other repent and go back to sanity one day, there should be no illusion that the modern inhabitants of Sodom will be punished as harshly as the biblical ones. Perhaps more so, then Eltonia & her oh so “gay” partner can't even claim they do not know what God's position on the matter is.

Fags call for the boycott of fags. This is not going to be pretty. Perhaps Dolce & Gabbana will backpedal like the Barilla family (another set of prime candidates for hell, if you ask me) already did. Perhaps they won't, and who knows, this controversy may spark in some fag some serious reflexion about right and wrong.

I will stop short of praising two open promoters of a perverted lifestyle like Dolce and Gabbana, because it would seem to me the same as praising Hitler for not gassing Italians qua Italians. Still, I can't avoid noticing that Italy is, as we write the year of the Lord 2015, a country where even scandalous fags have a higher probability of having a modicum of common sense within them, whilst the likes of Eltonia are treated by heroes by an entire Country, desirous to send itself to hell with the express train.

Satan is having a big party. But I doubt he dresses as badly as Eltonia Joan.



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  1. Well, perhaps Satan has a better taste than Eltonia and he wears , besides Prada, D&G- who, by the way, attend Masses very often in S. Babila church in Milan downtown.
    When I read the interview, I thought that perhaps Dolce is repenting.

    • It could be, could it not? Normally repentance isn’t a kind of all-or-nothing, overnight experience, but a slow and gradual change.

      Still, I have not found trace of it up to now.


  2. It’s a refreshing course of events inasmuch as the conversation has begun! Up until now there has been absolutely NO discussion of the evil of donor gametes in the public square. I’ve heard that in Australia they have come to see the light and though a baby step, have outlawed anonymous sperm donation. Every child has a right to know both his parents!

    I weep when I look at that beautiful child being raised by two men who proclaim their their habit of regular anal sex. Where is his mama? Where is the beautiful yet protective maternal touch in his life that protects him from such depravity? Can you imagine the wrath of Our Lord, unless all involved repent, at the Last Judgement? I especially tremble in fear at what the Eternal Judgement might be for these women who are paid off as surrogates. Can you imagine handing over your beautiful, innocent newborn child to two sodomites? I can barely fathom it. It is so UNFATHOMABLY evil. St. Peter Damian pray for us!

  3. Yes, Akita, I too ask where are the women? What did I do about this Elton John abomination when I first learned about it? Nothing. Is it time for a Catholic holy war against the world? I am a coward – afraid to stand up and shout. Who will lead us?

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