Homos And the “P Word”

I stumbled upon a rather good article about the obscene celebration of sexual perversion to which St. Patrick's Day Parade has been, well, perverted by, oh well, perverts and those who are accomplices in their sin crying to heaven for vengeance.

However, it seems to me that in this way no battle will be ever won. The way I see it, this article and the many contributions like this have one serious shortcoming, that should be addressed.

You will notice that the “P” word is never spoken. Sexual perversion is a serious matter, which, by its own very nature, cannot be reduced to simple “immorality” as the one caused by the weakness of human nature. I wonder how many would write that child abuse is immoral and, well, premarital sex is also immoral. Some sins cry to heaven for vengeance, and some not. Some sins go with our nature, some sins go against it. We must make this distinction, or we will give the impression that sexual perversion is just on the same level as common human weakness, or that all grave sins are much of a muchness. They aren't. Hell isn't a common room, either.

Words convey messages. If the message is to be strong, the words used to convey it must be strong, too. I do not expect a priest to write “faggot” in his article, but if words like “gay” and “LGBT” are used in in implicit acceptance that they are the proper way to describe perverted people, then I do not see how we can persuade anyone that is not already persuaded.

The garden variety homo (or dyke, trannie, and all the circus tools of the sort; perverts all of them) never hesitates in employing a very emotionally charged, inflammatory language against you; and if you answer to his accusations of “homophobia” without telling him that he is just a pervert who would, in better times, have gone to jail for his perverted scandal*, then we are going to go absolutely nowhere; because we will be perceived, and rightly so, as people afraid of their own argument, and therefore unable to oppose more than a meowing to the roaring of Satan's lions.

They insult us. We answer by adopting their own language, and being oh so attentive not to hurt their feelings. No battle was ever won sounding the trumpet of the enemy.

The “P” word must come back in the debate about… perversion. There is no other way of tackling the issue than by saying loud and clear what the issue is. Similarly, the word “gay” and expressions like “LGBT” must be refused legitimacy and be used only in an ironic or mocking way (yes, mocking; mockery wins wars), never calling perverts the way the want to be called, but always calling them what they are.

Refuse to do so, out of a misguided sense of “charity” or politeness, and it will not be long until the very use of the word “pervert” will make you persecuted. A persecution which you will have called on yourself out of your own desire to be polite with people with no desire at all to be polite to you.

The Italian says: “chi agnello si fa, il lupo se lo mangia”, or “he who makes himself a lamb, the wolf eats him”.

Perverts are wolves. Be a lamb with them, and you will be eaten.


*In some European Countries the homosexual scandal, not sodomy in itself, was a criminal offence.



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  1. Just call ’em queers, faggots, and sodomites, Mund! I’ve noticed using sodomite really riles them!

  2. When one adopts the false terminology of the enemies of God and factual and moral truth, one implicitly communicates that one accepts the false premises therein. The way to destroy knowledge of the truth is to get the upholders of the truth to adopt one’s false language. If one adopts the enemy’s language, one has lost the battle. This ruse is actively and very successfully pursued by the enemies of moral truth in relation to the mass murder of babies in utero, as well as marriage, motherhood, fatherhood and sexual perversion.

  3. This is why I’ve taken to using the term “sodomite perversion” in the last couple of years. I prefer this over “fag” or “faggot” because of the vulgarity of these last two. “Sodomite perversion” avoids this vulgarity while also being stronger in containing a double condemnation.

  4. S. B. Woodland

    ‘Homophobia’, of course, is a made up propaganda word intended to make it seem that it is the normal person who has the problem. Worse, that the ‘problem’ is the weakness of fear, rather that the natural reaction of disgust.
    I always admit to homodisgustia.

  5. mariachristina9

    Dear Mr. M,
    You are so right about how we have adopted the language of the other side. For example, everyone knows the word “homophobia”, but who has ever heard of “heterophobia”? No one. One of their own said “He who controls the language, controls the masses”. Thanks for your insight on this issue.

    • I have written many posts about the issue of language. I advocate the use of a strong, assertive, **unkind** language towards these people.
      You don’t have to be kind to the promoters of abomination. This idea that niceness be a value in itself is utter hogwash and effeminate nonsense. Jesus made a whip and chased the moneylenders out.
      Ecce homo.

  6. Everyone should read this golden essay by John Vennari, “Tactics of the Homosexual Movement.” Here:


  7. sixlittlerabbits

    FYI, “Catholic New York,” the self-published newspaper of the Archdiocese of New York (whose head is Cardinal Dolan) is following his lead in the coverage of the first-ever New York City sodomite St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

    On page 4 of the March 19, 2015 issue, the photos include a prominent one of the sodomite marchers. Right under this photo is a caption headed “ST. PATRICK PRIDE.” The caption informs readers that “in a break from tradition, and not without controversy, a marching unit from Out@NBCUniversal, a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight organization at the broadcasting company, joined the parade and marched under its own banner.”

    This is a major capitulation to the language of the sodomites: 1) the LGBT term is used; 2) the well-known slogan “GAY PRIDE” is echoed in the caption headline’s use of “PRIDE.”

    Cardinal Dolan who glad handed participants, while his security men manhandled Michael Voris and his camera man, has nothing to be gay or proud of.

  8. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, FYI:

    “St. Patrick” [Celts’ homosexual practices], https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUwtpPLyRnk

    “It Really Happened,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=00VWj2ROOcA, minute 2:25 ff

    “St. Patrick’s Day Gets Rough,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-39rNZ2vxk&t=52

    “Love to Have Ya!” http://www.churchmilitant.tv/platform/?vidID=vort-2015-03-20

    “Dolan’s Gay Problem,” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCX17igkZ9JhU64JoTBVSWeQ

    “NBCUniversal said in a statement on Tuesday the group’s presence would be a ‘first step towards an increasingly inclusive era’ for the parade,” Reuters reported on March 17, 2015 (http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/02/17/us-usa-new-york-stpatricks-idUSKBN0LL26020150217).

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