Let’s See Who Is More Stubborn

Catholic bloggers serving a Flugabwehrkanone as Francis' bombers fly again over Catholicism.

For the umpteenth times, The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History, known among friends as TMAHICH, exhibits himself in another senseless, anti-Catholic rant against Capital Punishment. I would call him stupid, but Francis isn't stupid, though he certainly is not a genius. He is an evil enemy of the Church, and a man of average or less than average intelligence believing himself a messiah of the poor.

I read around heavy cannon fire to this latest act of sabotage. I found this one particularly beautiful.

But this is not the object of this post. The object of this post is whether I should go on writing the same things, which all my readers (or almost all of them) already know.

The answer to this is: yes, I will. I will if it bores you to death. I will if you feel the sudden impulse to throw your tablet from the window of your train. I will if you feel the urge, on the same train, to cry: “Aaaarrrgghhhh! Not AGAIN!” on reading the last post about TMAHICH's one thousand times repeated stupid or evil statement.

I have to do it, because he does. I have to keep talking of the same old issues, because he keeps doing the same. I will not start a series of blog posts about, say, the works of mercy and us and pretend Francis can simply be ignored. Francis can't be ignored, because he is the Pope who keeps being Satan's most valuable ally day in and day out. I know you are fed up. You do not even imagine how much I am. But if the man keeps sending his bombers, we Catholic bloggers will have to keep giving them some good Flak.

As long as Francis keeps sending down bombs, we must fire our cannons. He does not tire, nor should we.

Let us see who is more stubborn. This thing might backfire when the flak becomes too much to bear (remember the planned carpet bombing of the Sacrament of Communion in October? He aborted the mission all right when the flak caused too much losses), but in any way he should never take us by exhaustion.

If I die before Francis, at least I will have the consolation of departing this wasteland and vale of tears knowing that I remained at the cannon to the last. If, as it is far more probable, he dies before me, this is one gunmen who will see the big, fat, humble white bomber going down in smoke with no little satisfaction, and waving his helmet in the air.

Let's see, then, who is more stubborn.

Please don't throw your tablet out of the train's window.

It damages the environment. Pretty much the only thing which, if you listen to TMAHICH, will send you to hell, in the company of all those rosary prayers and doctors of the law.



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  1. Keep on keepin’ on. You’re not boring us. 🙂

  2. Please don’t stop commenting on TMAHICH and his incredulous thoughts and statements. I look forward everyday to your analysis of his latest outrageousness and even his supposed assurance that he will not attempt to change the Church’s teaching through its practice of, for example, not giving Holy Communion to adulterers.

    What about his supposed statement to Scalfari that unbelievers are annihilated, not sent to hell forever? It makes sense since he never mentions hell. Or I have missed something.

    Please continue.

    • No time to look around the past couple of days. Stuff for tomorrow, hopefully. The annihilation thingy is old Protestant nonsense. Rebellion to an infinite God can only be meted with infinite punishment. If Scalfari hopes to be annihilated he will be disappointed.

  3. Mundabor,
    I’ll never tire of looking at your website and seeing what you have to say. The previous post, BTW, about the perverts was right on! Sometimes if the post is too long I may not finish reading it, but most of the time I do. They give me courage and ammunition against the polyannas, as well as, as is the case in this newest post, an enormous amount —maybe even an inordinate amount!— of laughter, which we very much need in order to keep our spirits up in these most depressing times.

    So, please, keep up your writing. You can certainly count on me!
    God bless!

  4. I don’t recall this Pope ever speaking as passionately against the evil of abortion as he has against capital punishment, which has always been permissible for a state to apply (as long as it is just) according to Catholic moral doctrine.

  5. Dear Mundabor,
    Been aware of your blog for a while now. I think I have commented here before but wanted to do so again. Good blog and great points. Thank you. I don’t know if you attend a Fraternity parish but I hope so. Even the Fraternity is not as conservative as it could or should be, based on my time at a Fraternity’s parish, my attendence at Thomas Aquinas College, and a significant amount of independent reading of classical political philosophy. I hope every once in a while you will talk about the possibility of a right-leaning monarchy, oligarchy, or Roman-style republic coming to power in the USA and then in turn the UK. Though it could not be very conservative, it could save us from economic ruin and, because westerners are realizing that they are losing their countries permanently to the left, could actually happen and be something with which we could live for a century or two. The chances are not wonderful but I think that is our hope. I am active on another relatively significant trad blog but there has been no movement on that blog in this direction so I am appealing to you. I don’t know if you do email but I hope you will in my case. Unlike most trads, (unfortunately,) I can be very good at selling things, so I like to think I am on to something. Please email me at rick.azevedo@gmx.com. BTW, if you are not familiar with and agree to the Austrian Theory of the Business Cycle, your commentary on the issues is going to be sorely missing a critical aspect. I have contacted Fr. Abbot at Clear Creek Abbey as well as the District Superior of the FSSP’s North American District, and both are ignorant of this monumental issue. Point being, there will be an economic collapse, barring a miracle, (and maybe millions of miracles) and people around the globe need to be ready. Anyways, God bless and thank you again for the blog.

    • Not sure if this was meant for publication.

      You dream too much, my friend.

      I suggest you focus on what can be done with your friends, relatives, acquaintances and colleagues rather than dreaming of alternative worlds.

      Catholicism is, nowadays, the fight for basic sanity, not making castles in the air.


  6. As I’ve written before of those who remain Faithful to their marital vows after divorce and/or annulment , we must “stand and deliver” to the last ounce of strength, courage, blood or ink. This holds true whether you fight to defend your family, fight to stop a divorce or, in this case, fight to defend the Faith against those who would seek to neuter its beauty and Truth, whether it be priest, Bishop, Cardinal or Pope.

    What I wrote of defending marriage a couple years ago holds true in this fight as well, and I give full credit to Juan Donoso Cortés, who had the prescience to write in 1879 what is demanded from us Catholics, if called upon to do so, and equally applies to your post, as well.


  7. M. Keep on boring – like a drill. Hey, on another blog covering Bergo’s intention to consecrate a sodomite priest a Bishop, I read the now iconic words ” Who am I to Judge?” repeatedly. Just as I was about to murmur ” oh no gotta hear it again” an insight came to me. No! No! Really! It does happen. This may be the most important slogan of the shameless man’s agenda. It may also be the biggest and brightest red flag to Catholics. By uttering this now universal piece of propaganda he jettisoned all papal responsibility to BE exactly that- a judge! He also introduced his doctrine of unconditional mercy. No need for contrition. God will forgive you even without sorrow for the offense. Isn’t one of the Pope’s primary duties to protect the Deposit of Faith? Is he not to rule over matters concerning Morals and Dogma? Where would the Church be if the Holy Father, when petitioned by King Henry VIII for an annulment from Queen Catherine, told Henry ” Who am I to Judge? ” Sir Thomas M(undab)ore would have been incensed!. He would have started a blog to save the Catholic Faith in the realm. He would have thought the Pope mad. He would have repeated endlessly those infamous words “WAITJ?”

    • I think in the same way. We must shame him again and again and expose the ridicule of his faux theology without pause. In time, more and more people will get it.

      I understand you wanted to be facetious, but please do not associate me, directly or indirectly, with saints and martyrs; I am merely a wretched sinner with a penchant for controversy.


  8. I apologize for an error in my last comment. It wasn’t Fr. Barros who was guilty of perversion. He was suspended for allegedly covering it up. Nevertheless, he was just consecrated Bishop.

    • Even at Patheos they are angry.

      The PC troop allows Francis whatever blunder, but not if the issue happens to be popular amongst their readers.

      Francis lives with a faggot, for crying out loud. Whoever thinks he recoils in disgust in front of child abuse needs his crews checked.


  9. Apparently Francis has become more enlightened than God himself, who has imposed the death penalty in the past, things like the Flood come to mind.

  10. Dear Mundabor,
    I closed my eyes after I read “whether I should go on—.” I hoped you were not abandoning us, as some have. not that I blame anyone. We need your example of straightforwardness. Frank would make a great Unitarian minister, except he would be so unhappy, and we want him to be happy, after all. Where the occupier sits now-he is ecstatic, hurling garbage at us non-protestants, because we are so different from him. That’s his kind of mercy.

  11. It is very brave of you. You’re right we have to fight to the last drop of blood in this final conflict since this TMAHICH is so cunning that he must be a devil advocate or devil himself. He causes a lot of confusions, divisions and mesmerizing the church people by utilizing liberalism, modernism and communism to destroy the church. Pray that God save us.

    • If you don’t get tired, I promise I want. Only, apart of time constraints at times I will need to pause a bit and recharge the batteries. But this is all. I am a rather fast recharger…


  12. Great post. I am so tired of Catholics who equate capital punishment with abortion. To do so is to equate an innocent unborn child with a convicted murderer, which is obscene. If a man takes the life of another, then logically he forfeits the right to his own. To be opposed to the death penalty is actually anti-life.

    • Welcome back, Shane!
      I hope everything is fine at your end?

    • Thanks Mundabor, I’m well, hope you are too. Unfortunately my mother passed away from her cancer at the end of October. I am consoled by the fact that she died without pain, surrounded by her family until the very end, and received Extreme Unction before death. (She was a devout and practicing Catholic with a great devotion to the BVM; we always recited the rosary together while she was in the hospice.)

    • I am very, very sorry to hear that, Shane.
      I am sure my readers will join me in prayers for the repose of her soul.
      It must be a great consolation to know that she died in the faith. I can assure you for personal experience the fear of hell for our non-practicing loved one is a crushing thing.

      Hope you will soon overcome the sadness of such a terrible bereavement, at least as far as it can be overcome.


    • Thank you very much for your prayers and kind words Mundabor, really appreciated.

  13. I see why it offends you and I sincerely apologize. I would not want this either. It’s flattery we can do without.

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