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De-Baptism, Or Proclaiming Oneself An Elephant

An obscene initiative was taken in Bologna, in which, among other things, “ceremonies” of “de-baptising” were held. But not only that. Desecrations and blasphemies beyond imagination. Satanical. Utterly satanical.

I cannot find anymore a blog post I read this morning about the – thankfully – vigorous reaction of Cardinal Archbishop Caffarra. But I have found this, in Italian. I do not go into details. Again: things have happened which I do not even want to repeat. I will leave it at that before I get angry. If you read Italian, be prepared for stuff that will test your coronaries.


Here, I would like to make some consideration about those who have chosen to commit such an impious act as the attempt to completely separate themselves from a most vital sacrament as the baptism. I say attempts, of course, because the idea of debaptising oneself is as smart as the idea of proclaiming oneself an elephant.

Many of them – who knows how many – have performed the “ceremony” in utter spite of Christ who gave them the sacrament of Baptism. Others – hopefully, many – may have done it in utter ignorance of what the Sacrament is, and thinking that they are doing nothing more than giving back, so to speak, the party card. Oblivious, as many in Italy are, that the Church is vastly more than a shop meant to promote Jesus, and that when you separate yourself from the Church you are refusing Jesus.

Still, still… ignorant or not ignorant, I cannot imagine anyone, irrespective of his degree of ignorance and confusion, who would have an inner shudder, a deep uneasiness, a sense of sacrilege in doing something like that. And I do not mean merely in a day in which the most satanical things have happened. I mean always (this de-baptising thing has been going on for many years now in Italy).

I feel pity, I feel sadness and compassion for the stupid wretches. Even if they do this only out of ignorance and stupidity, this ignorance still has a rebellious arrogance in itself that may well, alone, seal their fate.

The militant faggot has chosen Satan already, and at the moment of death will, on discovering his fate, probably react with anger and acrimony at the “homophobic” and “repressive” God. But the idiot who just wasn’t idiot enough that he would escape hell must be very surprised on discovering, with sudden and devastating terror, that such an inclusive, tolerant, open chap like himself is now doomed forever.

Unicuique suum. To each his own. Those who – with different degrees of evil and stupidity – have decided to proclaim themselves elephants (or not baptised anymore, which is possibly even more stupid) will, bar an always welcome repentance, receive each his own.

I doubt there will be great fun in it.


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