Liberals: Too Wimpy For A Firing Squad

I am informed that Utah might reintroduce execution of capital punishment via firing squad, as the extremely sophisticated poisons needed to execute people in a way halfway satisfying your typical faggo-liberal Latte-sipping whino become scarce.

Obviously, the pansy army has reacted calling a firing squad “barbaric”.

Please look at the implications. If a firing squad is barbaric, then every foreign military operation of the US is “barbaric”, the “American Sniper” was a top Barbarian, and everyone who carries a firearm is basically a savage. See where they are going?

There is nothing wrong with a firing squad. Honest, truthful, manful way of executing someone. Is it painful? Rarely for long, I would say, and in many cases only for an instant. But a propos pain: how many murderers take special care that their victims die an absolutely painless death? How many can say to the judge: “look, Your Honour: I went to extraordinary expenses to buy the best poison that money can buy; the one that would give my victim an absolutely non-barbaric death! Could I please receive the same courtesy from the taxpayer? I know it's expensive but cut me some slack, I am dying here…”

My hunch is that they aren't very numerous, and your garden variety death row inhabitant is not very averse to inflicting pain, either. But I digress…

Execution is meant to have the convicted killed. Get over it. You do not want to get executed? I do not think is a very difficult thing to do.

In Mundabor's Utah, things would run like in the good old times: civilians (men and women) get hanged, whilst soldiers and people executed by the army get the firing squad. Easy peasy.

Is, then, execution by hanging “barbaric”? Were the Papal States barbaric? Were they unable to find anything more “civilised”, like giving people some poisoned herbs in Socrates style (no great fun, that, I bet), or giving them a warm bath with complimentary wrist-cutting in Seneca fashion? Did they want to save the expense of the bullet? Or did those wise men of the past not think, instead, that hanging is just a perfectly adequate and functional way of execution, and perfectly fitting for the purpose?

“But Mundabor! Mundabor! Some of them do not die instantly! They will slowly suffocate for thirty or more seconds!”

Get a grip, and grow a pair. When you or I die (of a stroke, or heart attack) our farewell from this vale of tears might be not a bit less painful. It might,min fact, be a lot more painful, and for a much, much longer time! Is God, then, barbaric? Should we all, then, receive an injection to avoid the danger of pain, before a cruel God inflicts us some pain far worse than any hanging, let alone firing squad?

As far as I am concerned tell me where to sign for thirty or forty second of pain (or whatever it is God in His wisdom decides to send me) if they allow me the grace of final repentance. Who knows how many, who had mocked the priest offering them the crucifix, saved their soul in the gasps of death? Who is better off, that man or the one who got his neck bone snapped instantly, and died unrepented?

It is nothing less than astonishing that wussydom is so prevalent nowadays that hanging, or even the firing squad, are considered “barbaric”. What a bunch of limp-wristed pansies.

Ask Pope Blessed Pius IX how a criminal should be executed.

He will have no hesitation.


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  1. The guillotine I would think be best in the “make it quick” department eh? And I agree. Don’t all of us, even the innocent of murder, suffer before death? You point out the obvious lack of reason/thinking on behalf of the liberals. No surprise there. God bless~

  2. I don’t care whether it’s bullets, gas, poison, rope, or electricity, as long as they go! BTW, the reason why Utah historically had the firing squad is the Mormon religion. The Mormons believed that there were sins that couldn’t be forgiven by the shed blood of Christ. They only way that those sins could be forgiven was through the shedding of the guilty party’s own blood. This belief also fueled many ritual murders committed by Mormons against fellow Mormons and non-Mormons. Some of those ‘blood atonement’ killings take place even today. Most of them seem to be committed by groups that have split off from the main body in Salt Lake City.

  3. And yet abortion is merciful. What a world!

  4. Just who would Jesus look down the barrel and shoot?

    • Everyone who deserves it.
      By the way, to send someone to hell is infinitely more devastating than to shoot one.
      You should get in touch with Christianity.

  5. I by far would want to have the chance of final repentance. I used to be against the death penalty until I thought critically about it, there are just some crimes that cry out for it in the interests of justice. I also don’t buy the argument that it costs more to execute someone than to keep them imprisoned for life. It seems to me that the endless appeals are what drives up the cost. Last but not least, the church can’t have been wrong all these centuries.

    • Oh, if you make every execution cost usd 50 million in 30 year litigation, of course it costs!
      A brain and common sense is all is needed to avoid this nonsense.

      Besides, I do not make of it a matter of cost anyway.


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