Germanwings And The Devil

The details of the Germanwings tragedy have now emerged, and they make for a chilling reading. The 28-years old co-pilot profited of a bladder-pause of the captain, locked him out of the anti-assault cabin and slowly, coldly flew the aeroplane to his and everyone else's death during eight minute of lucid evil.

Was he mad? Of course not. Madmen aren't allowed to fly aeroplanes of Lufthansa companies. Was he depressed? No sign of that, and depressed people tend not to kill 149 other people, either. Did he have one of those strange things like Asperger's syndrome, which apparently make some people insensitive to other people's suffering? Can't imagine this wouldn't be noticed in a pilot.

The newspapers, unable to find answers to the simplest question, will obviously say “lucid madness”, and that's that.

I call BS on that, and have another answer: Satan.

The modern world, so PC and inclusive of every bastard, avoids and even ridicules the mention of Satan. Things must have a perfectly clear medical reason, and this medical reason must exculpate the perpetrator as thoroughly as possible. Unless he is a right-wing one, like Breivik.

Satan was at play? Come on, Mundabor: you don't believe that, surely?

I do, I do!

It is utter senseless wordliness to think that the devil does not try to find a way in a man's consciousness – and conscience – and move him to commit horrible acts: child abuse, murder, rape, sodomy, and the like. He must find a way first, and then he will do with his victim what he can.

At times, Satan will manage to instill in such men – or women – a great desire to do harm, preying on their hate, or envy, or vanity. Charles Manson's, Waco's, Breivik's and other tragedies of the sort can be only explained in this way.

It is very reasonable to suppose that we are here in front of another of such satanic “bingo” experience, as for what I know pilots are regularly tested as to their psychological fitness. And please notice the cold-blooded system of slowly losing altitude, and the obvious result that only in the very last seconds the passengers realised – or rather, started to realise – what was happening.

Two days ago I posed the question of whether the flight gave the people the time to die prepared. It would appear the window was very, very limited, and who knows how many were taken in Satan's net. Looks like a chilling, satanic bingo to me.

We can reason away the presence of Satan in the world at our heart's content, but we do so at our own risk. We can attribute atrocious acts invariably to momentary loss of reason, but we show with this attitude that we are the ones who refute to reason. Satan is there, working in the shadow, and throwing his nets.

Let us profit from events like this tragedy to be reminded of Satan's workings. Let us not hide the reality of satanic influence behind worldly considerations. Souls are at stake.

As abundantly seen the day before yesterday.



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  1. Your immediate concern for the souls of the victims of this airplane crash is what one would expect from a priest or religious. The theory of this being something of a rather direct Satanic intervention upon the c-pilot is entirely possible, but it seems more plausible that the co-pilot suffered sudden death or incapacitation from a stroke , fatal heart attack, cerebral embolism or fell into a deep sleep or even a coma, possibly drug induced from some food or beverage served to him in flight and ingested. The cockpit door is supposed to remain locked during the flight to prevent intruders. It seems that some renovation to the cockpit area needs to be done so that both pilot and co-pilot are locked in throughout the flight, with all provisions for food, beverages and toilet within the secured area.

    • Not at all.
      My blog post was written from the background of extremely clear evidence resulting from the “black box” and nothing of what you imagine has happened; on the contrary, all happened as I have described.

      Today it emerged the man, who had suffered from depression years ago but was considered perfectly re established, hid from his employer a new bout of depression.

      One does not need to be a priest to realise that Satan can leverage on this to move a person to the most evil act. To not realise this means to downplay the devastating influence of the devil in the matters of this world.

    • My reference to your concern for souls being priestly is referring to your first post about the crash when you questioned the readiness of the souls on board to meet God, and your concern was evident. My comment is meant as a positive observation because soul-winning is the essence of ministry. I was not aware of the black box content except for the attempt to break the door when I commented on your post re the Devil’s involvement in the crash. Combinations of mental illness and demonic intervention cannot be denied but are not always easy to unravel. The Muslim connection is always scary to me because no doubt that
      religion has elements which are Demonic.

    • Thanks Maureen, I obviously misread your first comment. I do think, though, that concern for the welfare of soul is rather automatic in laymen who care. I can mention countless now departed old aunts and grand-aunts (I had an army of them) for whom this was absolutely natural.

  2. Brilliant analysis Mundabor!I wish our church would talk ,and preach,more about satan and evil instead of glad happy platitudes about mercy and love -as if these concepts go without Redemption.god bless .Philip johnson.

  3. As someone with twins on the autism spectrum, and who has worked professionally with over 100 more folks with ASD, I want to be clear that Asperger’s Syndrome (which is on the spectrum) does not generally leave an affected person incapable of identifying with the suffering of others. And it certainly doesn’t produce mass murders, as the main stream media were suggesting in the Adam Lanza case.

    My money, like Mr. M’s, is on Satan.

    • Thanks.
      I have read it concerning the son of the Hollywood producer who went on the car killing rampage before killing himself. Not a doctor myself.

  4. Absolutely agree with you Mund. Considering that I have just finished reading Evidence of Satan in the Modern World, Léoni Cristiani( ISBN 0-89555-032-6) which spells is out loud and clear (it was written in 1959 so God help us now!)
    Doing a stint of 40 Days outside a satanic sacrificial site and seeing people’s response to seeing prayerful ant-abortionists, such rage! So many cannot bear the sight of the 40- dayers
    It only takes Seven Deadly Sins committed before Satan himself resides in a person. 600 babies killed a day in Britain, no idea what Germany numbers are, so many involved in being signed up to Satan, who can remain hidden until he ‘gives the order’.

    • I do not know about numbers and sins, but certainly if he is invited in the entrance hall he will come, and he will try from there to go everywhere else and destroy the entire house.

      The mere idea of flying 150 people to their death can only be seen as satanic.


  5. Someone with Aspergers would be a social cripple. While the Most Humble Pope in Human History doesn’t really believe in him, I think the Beast manifested himself on that aircraft.

  6. I agree, Mundy, that Satan was probably behind this act of evil. I’d still like to wait for the confirmation that this pilot wasn’t on anti-depressants or other psych drugs which have real side effects of homicidal and suicidal ideation. But boy, if you’re an atheists on these drugs, what hope do you have to stemming off such things? But in the end, Satan is behind all of these acts of grave evil. The sooner the world wakes up to that reality, the better for them. God bless~

    • His being depressed – I now think he was – does not diminish in the least the idea that the devil leveraged on it. Depressed people do not commit mass murders. Heavens, this one could have gone against a skyscraper, too…

  7. That was my first thought, too. Definitely Satanic; seems very logical to me.

    Do we know that they can rule out an accident, though? Maybe he passed out in front of the cabin door, and that’s why the pilot couldn’t push it open. Well, wishful thinking, anyway.

  8. It has not hit the mainstream news yet – especially because the Germans do not want to report it – but it turns out the co-pilot was a recent convert to Islam. Some foreign press outlets have already picked up the story. I expect it will go mainstream in a few days. The police also said they found incriminating evidence in his apartment but would not say what. The man’s girlfriend was also a Muslim.

  9. There are news reports in Germany that the co-pilot recently converted to the “religion of peace.”

    That would explain why his social media accounts were scrubbed, since someone wants this to look like nothing more than “depression.”

    • I would caution against jumping to conclusions in this matter. Gateway Pundit links to a “PI News” report that does not even contain any reference to Lubitz being a convert (although there is speculation about it in the comments – with no evidence presented). PI News is an anti-Islamic website most people in Germany (even harsh critics of Islam and supporters of PEGIDA) would hesitate to call neutral or balanced – while mostly on the right side of things, they do tend to be quite alarmist and some of their commenters are outright conspiracy nuts.

      Michael Mannheimer, a blog post of whom appears to be the source of the rumor in question, is an anti-Islamic, conservative German writer. I would regard Mannheimer as a reliable source, but the link to this blog post is dead, possibly removed by the author. The same seems to have happened to a similar report on Pamela Geller’s site I read yesterday that also referenced Mannheimer’s blog post. (I did not click the link yesterday, so I do not know whether it was still working then). The facebook page in support of Lubitz is not his own, but rather one set up after the crash. It has been removed by now. In any event, facebook pages can be easily set up by anyone, such as an Islamist who admires Lubitz for his “heroic deeds”.

      There are commenters who state that his girlfriend was a Muslim, but I have seen no evidence of that either.

      In conclusion, the trail of evidence is very thin. Until further evidence emerges I would caution against taking the “Islamic convert” theory as anything more than a distant rumor.

    • I agree, Catocon, but it does not mean it could not be and the Staatsanwaltschaft is burying this in the sand.

      I have never considered the facebook page as relevant because every idiot can ride this tiger. But the conversion and frequentation of mosques should, if reported by a journalist, be based on witness accounts.

      In my eyes, there should be official confirmation from the Staatsanwaltschaft that the man was *not* a convert (committing possibly a criminal offence if they knew he was) and never had any contact with Muslim milieus in Bremen or elsewhere. Unless they do, and consdierign the gravity of the act and the fact the allegations of conversion are now public, the suspicion can only remain that they know and do not want to tell.


    • Now, having said that, if he *was* a convert, the mainstream media would want to conceal the fact, and even some of the authorities might manipulate evidence in order to prevent the inescapable fallout of such a revelation. The Front National finished a close second behind a bourgeois coalition of Sarkozy’s UMP and another liberal-conservative party in the departemental elections last week (29 to 27%), far ahead of the socialists (20%), winning the most votes in almost half of the departements. In Germany, PEGIDA is growing again, having reached close to 20.000 participants again, even though similar demonstrations all across Germany are far more common than they were in January when PEGIDA last mobilized that many people.

      Then again, such a thing is very hard to cover up – many people would have known of his conversion, and not all of them would keep quiet. After a few days or weeks the “official story” would fall apart. The fallout of that would be an order of magnitude larger than anything another Islamic terrorist murdering “infidels” could accomplish on his own. Even attempting to cover up the religion of the killer in such a high profile case would be foolish. They did not do it in the Charlie Hebdo case; why would they want to do it now?

    • I am more worried about the prosecutors than about the mass media. This is because I think that, if the man was a convert, he might have been instructed to keep schtum about it, which he would obviously do. In this case, the only sources would be people who saw him in the mosque, of people of his near environment to whom he confided the fact.

      My impression in reading the German article was that the rumour comes from Muslims (decent ones) who saw him and found a way to let a journalist know, not from the facebook page – which is obviously irrelevant – or from unsubstantiated rumours. This would also explain why the journalist does not mention the source, a common praxis in situations like this one.


  10. The “depression” conclusion is way too fast and reeks of a PC easy way out of not asking about 100 more obvious questions, e.g., “who was his girlfriend?” “what were his religious beliefs?” “did he attend that mosque in Bremen?” “what was on his computer?”

    Fox News is actually asking absurd questions like “maybe he had an aneurysm and passed out?” all the evidence contradicts that.

  11. Me, I also think it’s unwise to exclude satanic influence from an event like this one. But the chances of seeing a reference in the MSM to satanism as a proximate cause are near to zero.

    What I would honestly emphasise very strongly is not to make comments, condemnatory and seemingly authoritative comments on crashes like this horrible one, until all the evidence is in. We CANNOT rely on a neutral bunch of media people, ever, I’d say. They just push their own defined agendas.

    OTOH, while some have complained about a “premature release” of the CVR tapes, I believe public interest and indeed, huge public concern, required an exception to the rule. common sense must never be excluded for legalistic restraints.

    • Hey, even Germany is a free Country. You can’t stop a Country from wondering what has happened out of “sensitivity”, particularly by such an event.

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