Pope “Who Am I To Judge” Is The Worst Pharisee Ever

That finger, he uses often.

Every day God sends on this vale of tears I must read something about the Pope… scolding Catholics.

This would be enough infuriating in any Pope. But it drives one mad when the person doing the scolding is the “who am I to judge”, “you are fine if you follow your conscience” Pope.

I cannot imagine a worse example of Phariseism than this. At least, Stalin did not try to present himself as the “who am I to purge” dictator. This one here bitches around with every second breath, but has the nerve to play tolerant and non-judgmental.

I am, today, not talking about the sabotage of Catholicism that these rants – all of them, no exception – have as their only aim. I am talking about the sheer shamelessness of being the world champion of what he ceaselessly reproach to others: a cold-hearted enemy of Christ; a first-class Pharisee; and the bitchiest prelate on earth.

“But Mundabor! You are being guilty of the same crime of which you accuse him! You criticise him all the time!”

Of course I do. I do, because he deserves that I do so. I am very far from being non-judgemental. I try to judge with right judgment, and know that when my time comes I will be judged according to how soundly I have followed this command. Non-judgmentalism isn't a value. It is the end of all values. It is a world made for homos and trannies. It's the world to which Francis wants you to acquiesce.

It is high time that at least authentically conservative newspapers (a couple of those in Italy, some other very few abroad) start to say to Francis “shut up already!” when he keeps ranting. It would be another reality check and a welcome reminder, in the months approaching October, of the forces he has against them.

I am sick and tired of this cretin spitting everyday the same hate for Catholicism in a slightly different way. If God has decreed, out of all eternity, that hell is his final destination, I hope he goes there soon. If God has decreed, out of all eternity, that even a piece of work like this one is allowed to save his sorry ass (what a consolation for us all, who do not go around insulting the Bride of Christ every day, with the excuse of Christ!), I hope he goes to Purgatory soon, too, and felicitations to him.

But please, Lord, let this plague go to an end.




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  1. Mundabor.You are so right !This man is a heretic .Full stop.Our Lady of Fatima .Our Lady of Lourdes.Intercede for us.

  2. I pray with you and others that the Holy Father enters his eternal reward ASAP, and that God send us the exact opposite of his kind. Sermons, encyclicals, Wednesday Addresses, and proclamations on sin, death, and hell would pour down on parched souls like rain on the Atacama Desert (driest place on earth Wikipedia says).


  3. Difficult times. And I always thought Jesuits were so much more intelligent than diocesan priests. Turns out to be their folly…..

    • I remember people saying in my youth (many years ago) that Jesuits were supposed to be more intelligent than average. But I think this praxis, if ever there was, of selecting only the very smart ended with the “Spring”. The Jesuits in Wimbledon are not only a bunch of heretics but a bunch of intellectually challenged people, too.

      Nowadays, what a Jesuit is most likely to be is homosexual.


  4. Looks like Archbishop Ganswein sitting behind the buffoon, no doubt pondering the lofty and edifying things Pope Emeritus Benedict had to say over breakfast today. Now having to sit through this guy’s garbage.

  5. Ave Maria!

    These rants are why I keep reading your posts. My daily Rosary I pray for Pope’s conversion or death.

    God Bless,

  6. Dear Mundabor,
    I am coming to believe that traitor is not too strong a word to use for the Pope, and that this word must be vociferously pronounced from the blogosphere, along with demands for the papal resignation, until the Papal traitor resigns. It seems to me that only the use of the word ‘traitor’ will be enough to get him denounced by the general public, if anything will. There are so many, as libertarians I used to know say, “sheeple”. Sheeple. So fitting. We must do it based on Nostis et Nobiscum and St. Thomas’ condemnation of the graduated income tax in I-II Q. 96 Art. 4 of the Summa. Please look into it, Mundabor! Help me Obi-wan Mundabor, you’re my only hope!

    • Thanks for the chocolate bar, but if you are relying on me for Francis to resign you are vastly overestimating the power of my light sabre…

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