“Good Without God”?

Every now and then, you hear or read around about people claiming to be “good without God”.

I think the expression does not make sense. Let us see why.

In order to be considered objectively good, a man would have to comply with standards of goodness that are both objective and immutable. They must be objective, because otherwise this alleged “goodness” degenerates into mere self-appreciation. They must be immutable, because if good and bad change with the time goodness becomes mere conformism to accepted rules. This, at least, in what concerns the basics and the fundamentals; not, of course, the particular mores of this or that age, or region.

God is Goodness, and Goodness is based upon God. Take God away from the equation and you will not find any instance of objective Goodness anywhere, merely senseless emoting.

Christians, and particularly Catholics, have a set of fundamental rules they cannot dispose of or manipulate in any way, at least if they want to be truthful and refuse to lie to themselves. These fundamental rules are objective, because fixed once and for all in Church doctrine; and they are immutable because coming from God, Who cannot change. God, Who is Goodness, tell us what Good is. Neither God nor Good can ever change. Therefore, Goodness is – in its fundamentals – immutable and eternal. This is the only way it can work.

I am unable to find anything of the sort among atheists of every colour and shade. They define their goodness upon the fact that they have decided, for themselves, that they are good according to their own private metre of goodness. It's like saying that you are intelligent because a jury formed by you, you and you has unanimously decided that you are.

What is, then, this “goodness” they claim? Merely the fact that they like themselves. Which isn't difficult, I dare say, and something most people who aren't self-hating perverts manage without any problem whatsoever every day of the week.

Three abortions? What a heroine of reproductive rights! Anarcho-bully? Ah, a shining example of “fighter” for “change”! Enviro-terrorist? Look, look how he heroically fights for our future!

This is a game in which you get to decide if you are a winner. An emotionally-driven nonsense with no base in logic. The triumph of smugness and self-adoration.

But then again atheism has no logic, and makes no sense. It does not surprise that it should attract those who are unable to think logically.

And now please excuse me. I am not one of those “good without God”, but one of those “wretched sinners with Him”.

Therefore, my time is now better employed with prayer.



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  1. The whole “I’m a good person” calls to mind the need for distinctions. On the one hand we are not totally depraved ala Calvin. Nor are we good without God via Pelagius. I think (and I could be wrong) that it comes down to “being” versus “doing.” Even godless, evil people are capable of “doing” good things. Hitler fighting Communism comes to mind. However it takes even Godly people much effort, time, prayer, mortification and the like to even remotely “be” good. Our Lord said it well in saying that only God is good i.e. perfect goodness. With the help of the Holy Spirit and the grace to respond to Him, we can bear goodness as a fruit of our life and maybe even become good with time, virtue, the sacraments, prayer, penance etc. But you nailed it: you cannot BECOME good without the being connected to the source of all goodness itself i.e. God:+) God bless~

    • I see it in a simpler way: everyone can do something good, but if they refuse the source of all goodness they cannot partake of His a Goodness.

      The “atheist missionary” is still Damned.


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