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Theology As He Goes Along: Francis And The Damned

On Rorate have appeared some reflections from the usual Scalfari, the journo-buddy of the Unholy Father (he also has a Rabbi-buddy and a Faggo-buddy; but this is the journo-buddy).

Scalfari report a “very clear” answer of Francis, indicating that God simply annihilated the Damned, instead of condemning them to everlasting fire.

First things first: Scalfari is many things, but he is not a liar, and he would not misrepresent the words of Francis. We have already seen it with the famous interview, now officially published in book form after the Pollyanna had accused Scalfari of being, in a word, gaga.

No. Scalfari would not misrepresent Francis. If he writes that “Francis' answer is very clear”, you can believe it. The idea is nonsense, of course.

As far as I know, the idea was born in Protestant circles a long time ago. As the Proddies became more and more unable to cope with God's Infinite Justice, the concept of hell became more and more embarrassing to them. If you define God as “Lurv”, hell isn't easy to swallow. They were obviously also unable to cope with the simple fact that an infinite offence deserves an infinite punishment, probably out of lack of faith in an infinite God Himself.

Francis has the same problem. Devoid of Catholic thinking, unable to cope with God's Justice, very probably not believing in God at all, he does not hesitate to make his theology as he goes along for the enjoyment of some atheist journalist.

The annihilation of the damned as opposed to their eternal punishment is in blatant contrast with the words of Our Lord himself, and is therefore taboo for every intelligent Christian. Francis is neither, and Scalfari isn't Christian; this is why they concoct such “tea-time” absurdities.

The annihilation of the damned is, also, a hell as the atheists would have it: non-existent, and a punishment that is in nothing worse that what they are expecting anyway. It is more “pleasing an atheist”, than “punishing him”. It is something that, in a way, allows the atheist to say on this earth that he would be right even if he were wrong; it is, of course, something allowing him to make a mockery of Christianity itself, in which he will most certainly not start to believe because some idiot – Pope, or not – tells him he has no hell to fear.

The idea does not make sense. But Francis does not make sense, either. So I am not surprised he would float it around with the arrogant chutzpah of the boor made powerful.

This man is embarrassed of his Catholic job. Everytime he comes in contact with atheists he needs to let them know that he is on their side of the barricade, and against those insufferable rosary-counters stinking of holy water.

This is what he does all the time, in public and – it becomes increasingly clear – in private.

On Friday, Francis will abuse of the Stations of the Cross to attack the Capital Punishment. More enmity with Catholicism, more heresy, confusion, sheer ignorance, stupidity or, most probably, lack of faith and evil intent.

There is no need to doubt the truthfulness of Dr Scalfari's assertion. There is no reason to doubt Francis' war on Catholicism, either.

As we approach the third Easter with The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History in charge, here's hoping there will not be a fourth one.



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