Important Announcement

(Edit: April’s Fool, of course!)


I have been thinking about this for a while. I have tried to resist it. But I can’t do it anymore.

I have been reflecting on what an incredibly ugly person I have become. Ruthless. Heartless. Judgmental.

I have no mercy in me. And I realise now, that God is Mercy and nothing else.

I have, therefore, decided to shut down this blog. I have deceived myself and you, dear readers, for too long. Now it is time to face reality.

I would like to apologise to some categories of people I have deeply offended.

The Gays are obviously first. I do not know how I could be so harsh against them. If God made them that way, who am I to judge?

Then the atheists, of course. I am sure God, in His mercy, will save all of them. Don’t ask me how I know. I just feel it. Powerful things, feelings.

Then there are all others, but particularly those whom I have, very unjustly, mocked as “Pollyanna”. Whilst I was mocking them, they were teaching me silently, patiently. Now I know. Not only my apologies, but my thanks to them.

The Holy Father should also not be forgotten. From him I have, in time, learnt what Mercy really is. Not easy at the start, I’ll admit. But it works on you. It must have been the Spirit.

You will realise, my dear readers, that after such realisation I cannot continue with this blog. It would be hypocritical, and stupid.

You should Also know (full disclosure!) that I have known a wonderful person. She is a stripper in a London nightclub. She has taught me more than you’ll ever know.

Caring. Compassionate. Loves animals. Protects the Environment. How ugly I am in comparison.

And Mercy. Yes, she taught me mercy.

Well, that’s that, folks.

Happy Easter to everyone.



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  1. Grande Mundabor! Buon primo aprile anche a te!

  2. April fools, yes?

    You had me for a second there! Ok, maybe I read it three times before it clicked.

  3. Aaaargh! The Curse of ‘Ars Orandi’ strikes again!

    Oh wait — it’s April Fool’s Day!

    Phew! 🙂

  4. April Fool!!!!!!!!!!! ?

  5. Well, this year you can’t fool me (last year I almost fell into the trap), with your April’s fool (Aprilenkuh = cow of April, in Germain ; poisson d’avril = April’s fish, in French ; and what’s in Italian ?).


  6. Pinch, punch, first of the month and no returns.

  7. April Fool ! This year I am not falling for it, dear Mundabor !! God love you !

  8. Don’t leave us Mundabor!!.Philip Johnson.

  9. “Not hardly”… as the Duke used to say.

  10. Took me a moment – then I flashed back to the Marmite Clear ad I saw this morning.

  11. I thought for half a minute that you had been overcome by diabolical disorientation, but you, who have “put on Christ”, are an April Fools jokester extraordinaire. A blessed Tridium to you, M. God have mercy on us al!

  12. After a momentary irregular heartbeat….Happy April Fools day to you dear Mundabor!

  13. Make that Triduum above.

  14. Yes, the mercy bug has got me also. Everyone’s okay now. I believe that everyone will go to Heaven no matter what lifestyle they are living. My attitude may change tomorrow…wink,wink, …but, for today, mercy is the rule of the day.

  15. April Fools, Mundabor! lol

  16. Is this an April Fool’s joke? I hope to be assured that it is, Mr. Mundabor. Sometimes I am easily taken in – my brothers always called me gullible – and I am feeling pretty shaken by this message. If you could extend a hand of Mercy my way and let me know, I would be grateful.

  17. Hopefully you are making an April Fools Day comment.

  18. That’s a good one. I’m actually Pope Francis and I think you were saying very bad things about me the Most Merciful Pope in All of Human History.

  19. P. S. Happy April Fool’s Day!

  20. Something for April 1st – Fools’ Day or Fool’s Day?

  21. Happy April Fools Day to you too Mundy:+) God bless~

  22. Did you find the Pope’s grappa?

  23. You’re not getting me on that one! Usual-gullible me…but not this time.

  24. Happy and Holy Easter to you too Mundabor. See you after the break. Nice April 1st joke, nearly as good as mother-in-laws when she called out to her family early one morning “Quick, come and see, Tigger has just had kittens in the garage”, All left their beds and went out to the garage while mum stood with a cup of tea watching at the window. Tigger was a male cat and no-one twigged! She had them a beaut, as they say in our area.

  25. A very happy Easter to you Mundabor. I presume it will be buisness as usual from April 2nd. onwards.

  26. Your special friend is a woman? Hmmm, not sure that this is allowed in the Church today. You still have a long way to go, my friend. Perhaps by next April first, you will have become less narrow and conventional in your choices.

  27. Is this for real, Mundabor, or are you joking? A cruel joke if true, indeed, especially since a few postings ago you said you would continue to post because the evil times we live in demanded it. I realize today is April Fool’s Day. Yes, that may be it, or so I hope.

    God bless and a very Blessed Easter to you!

  28. Happy April Fools Day!

  29. Happy April Fool’s Day!!

  30. Biting satire – oops, I mean true conversion! Happy Easter.

  31. What a remarkable transformation! God has blessed you. These are confusing times. I lost my Roman Catholic Faith a long time ago, but the nostalgia for the old church remains. My closet is filled with Roman Catholic liturgical books, vestments and vessels for the Tridentine Mass. I can’t part with them.

  32. I shall not consider you fully reformed unless your stripper has had a sex-change operaton!

  33. One of the finest April first postings seen for a long while…looking forward to April the second

  34. I’m so happy for you, Mundy! You can now consider yourself a sergeant in the ranks of the UA (Ultramontanist Army). But just watch out for the infantry behind you! (Ever see “Platoon”?)

  35. mariachristina9

    Hey Mr. M!

    Did you hear the news? Pope Francis has resigned!! April Fool!! By the way, you’re much too good for that little stripper 😉

  36. Mundy,
    The God of Surprises has smiled on you. May He bless you tomorrow as you embark on you new endeavors, April 2nd.

  37. blueskirtwaltz

    Dear Mundabor,
    I hope this is an April Fool’s Day joke. A day without your column is a day without sunshine.
    A blessed Easter to you.

  38. Happy April fool’s day!

  39. And Happy April Fool’s Day to you good Sage.

  40. April Fool’s Day to you too. If you do decide to shut down, pls don’t. Pls just take up where David Werling left off. I’m confident you can do well in his role I still miss him dearly.

    Jerry O.

  41. Hopefully, prayerfully, this all has to do with the folly of April 1. Otherwise, “Happy Easter” will be a bit more hollow without your clear, faithful, melodious blog voice.

  42. Had me worried there, but then I remembered the date.

  43. Is the strippers name “Lola”, by any chance?

    “Girls will be boys and boys will be girls
    It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world except for Lola
    La-la-la-la Lola

    Well I’m not the world’s most masculine man
    But I know what I am and I’m glad I’m a man
    And so is Lola.”

    Hey ho …. ’til next April 1st.

  44. Well at least you didn’t say “he” is a stripper in a London night club. That would have been too much to bare.

  45. You had me until you mentioned that one of your stripper’s qualities was being a “protector of the environment”. Good one. April Fools!

  46. sixlittlerabbits

    Thanks for my laugh of the day. LOLROTF with relief that this is an April Fool’s Day joke–but you do have the tone just right. God bless!

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