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Oh Ye Of Solid Faith!

I must confess, I had not been subtle at all. The fact is, I did not want to cause to the one or the other a heart attack.

But then again I am pleased to say that no one, absolutely no one of those who have commented bought it. This is a great difference from last year, though obviously last year had no precedent and this year had…

If anyone else was as gullible as to buy it – which required an effort, anyway – I beg him to accept my humble apologies, together with a stern warning as to what kind of damage such attitude may do to him… 😉

It was fairly easy to spot. Still, I am very pleased. The reaction of most of you obviously was: “Mundabor pulling a Werling? No way!”

No, I did not pull a Werling. With God's grace, I never will until I die. I may stop blogging one day if circumstances require it – and, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no intention whatever of doing so now – but I will, if God's grace assists me, never betray the flag and move over to the Hippy Army.

Most of you got this, I think, in an instant. Others perhaps needed a minute or two, but that's ok… 😉


April has come, and it still is very cold here.

If you were among those in shock, please forgive your humble correspondent for trying to bring, amidst the tragedies of the times In which we are living, a bit of Spring's lightheartedness, and perhaps a smile or two, in the life of my readers.

God bless you all, as always.

(Even those who, in case, had so little faith in me that they swallowed it hook, line and sinker… )



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