Oh Ye Of Solid Faith!

I must confess, I had not been subtle at all. The fact is, I did not want to cause to the one or the other a heart attack.

But then again I am pleased to say that no one, absolutely no one of those who have commented bought it. This is a great difference from last year, though obviously last year had no precedent and this year had…

If anyone else was as gullible as to buy it – which required an effort, anyway – I beg him to accept my humble apologies, together with a stern warning as to what kind of damage such attitude may do to him… 😉

It was fairly easy to spot. Still, I am very pleased. The reaction of most of you obviously was: “Mundabor pulling a Werling? No way!”

No, I did not pull a Werling. With God's grace, I never will until I die. I may stop blogging one day if circumstances require it – and, for the avoidance of doubt, I have no intention whatever of doing so now – but I will, if God's grace assists me, never betray the flag and move over to the Hippy Army.

Most of you got this, I think, in an instant. Others perhaps needed a minute or two, but that's ok… 😉


April has come, and it still is very cold here.

If you were among those in shock, please forgive your humble correspondent for trying to bring, amidst the tragedies of the times In which we are living, a bit of Spring's lightheartedness, and perhaps a smile or two, in the life of my readers.

God bless you all, as always.

(Even those who, in case, had so little faith in me that they swallowed it hook, line and sinker… )



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  1. So glad, sir, for this reassurance. Being a relatively new subscriber to your blog, I was not entirely certain…. Let me take the opportunity to say that I do appreciate and value your blog, Mr. Mundabor. Thank you for staying with us.

  2. I WAS in a state of shock and had deposited one of your blog writings on a FB friend who disagreed with it- she is pentecostal minister.- as I wanted her to see who else is involved in the Culture wars with sedularists.
    Glad you are blogging

  3. J’adore cet blog. I’ve been reading and sharing this blog with others almost every day for about a year now, so of course, I knew it was a joke and not a “Werling!”

    Mundy because of you, I occasionally attend SSPX Masses and have asked my dear but sadly agnostic husband to leave the local SSPX chapel a nice sum should I suffer an untimely death. I am employed as a music director at a conservative Novus Ordo parish so I can only go during the week.

    So what was your fictitious stripper girlfriend’s name? BTW you can find out your own “stripper” name substituting your first name with your first pet’s name and your last name with the name of the first street on which you lived. Or at least I was so told on a far more secular blog. I would be Smokey Perkins. Who would you be?

  4. Time to get into the penitential and sombre way of the Triduum Tenebrae. Strength to all in prayer and fasting. God bless.

  5. Mundy i come from a protestant background and entered the Barque of st peter via the Latin mass Community here in Melbourne,Victoria ,Australia. My mother- a staunch Anglican -would have said ‘does your father know” as both parents did not agree with Pentecostalism. However the lady pentecostal minister is a FB friend of a stalwart of a Latin Mass Society in a regional city ,she is also a Christian Democratic supporter whilst he is a member of the junior party (the Nationals) in our conservative coalition Government. I think they must have met through FB sharing a disstaste of the anti family agenda in an increasingly theophobic Australia

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