“Catholic? You’re Fired!”

Pat Archbold has been sacked by the National Catholic Register, a publication now officially on its way to becoming as bad as the rag ending with “Reporter” instead of “Register”.

Mr Archbold says he wants to spare us the “gory details”, but they truly aren't difficult to fathom: increasing pressure to conform to the Age Of Madness, and a writer who does not want to betray his Catholicism by doing so.

Mr Archbold says, revealingly enough, that the problems have manifested in the “last two years”, and the reference to The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History could not be more evident. The truth is that the “official” Catholic outlets (all of them: from the Catholic Herald to Radio Maria to the Reporter's owner EWTN, the latter clearly going down the drain fast) have the choice between defending Catholicism and kow-towing to the Age of Madness, and they invariably choose the latter. They are not even lukewarm. They are just plain sold.

I have no doubt about this: if Francis were to die of pasta overdose, and a halfway decent Pope were to be elected in his stance, all those who now sack the Archbolds of the world would suddenly discover a new orthodoxy in them, and would actually vigorously deny they ever departed from it. I pity and despise them.

As the official Catholic space is occupied by sycophants and assorted plate-lickers, orthodoxy will more and more express itself through unofficial channels: the blogs, the discussion boards, the small independent initiatives.

Sooner rather than later, the likes of the “Register” will discover that acquiescence is bad for the business, as people don't need to buy a magazine that has the same crap with which Francis carpet bombs them all the time. Papal and fake-Catholic fluff is available every day for free: why pay for it?

My congratulations to Mr Archbold for choosing to pay a personal price rather kow-tow to the Francis Crowd. I am glad to know this will have little impact on his and his family's finances. Mr Archbold shows that making money from Catholic writing is nothing worthy of censure for him who is steadfast, but also that those who do not get any money from their writing have one problem less. EWTN does not like what they write? Oh well…

This is a time of very clear persecution of Catholics from the very top of the Church, in a frenzy of heretical stupidity that starts from Francis and trickles down to the lower echelons of power. It is the time when it is not possible to stay a decent Catholic without the “official” Catholics making you pay for it.

It will not work. With lies one can impress only those desirous to hear them. The “Register” & Co. will discover that, as already happened to the “Tablet”, the embracing of Francis' strange ideology leads to loss or readership. They will, in time, go away just as the faithful desert St Peter Square. Stupidity can be had for free on BBC or Fox News anytime.

Those who care for Truth will find other ways. It's in the nature of things. They will find personal blogs, small family magazines, home made TV stations, family videos, and the like.

These people think they can silence Catholicism.

Fools. The day will come when they all know better.



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  1. Hurray for Patrick Archbold, a traditional Catholic hero, he ain’t no zero, or a schnorrer!

  2. Appalling , but this is typical of the conservative crowd as opposed to traditionalist. Their faith changes as the Pope does

  3. Mundabor said:

    “Those who care for Truth will find other ways. It’s in the nature of things. ”


    Brer bishops
    Brer priests
    And brer people of god
    Celebrate, collaborate
    To sacrifice just seems odd.

    Brer mother of ten cried,
    “I assist tried and trued.”
    Brer people of god cried,
    “Chill out
    Take a lude.”

    Brer priest said,
    “Ms. Brer come on smile
    Serve with me
    The True Faith, let pass,
    Make a mess – harmony!”

    With these words
    Brer mother got sick
    And threw up
    So brer priest urged her, “Go
    If you can’t drink our cup.”

    “So you’re urgin’ I go?”
    And her head she did scratch,
    “Jus’ please don’t throw me
    In no Pius the
    Tenth Patch!!”

    But brer priest
    Flung brer mother
    Out the door shut the latch
    And forced her to land
    In a Pius the Tenth Patch.

    So celebration, collaboration
    Is given the nod
    By brer bishops
    Brer priests
    And brer people of god

    But high on a hill
    Brer mother of ten
    Is singin’ and kickin’
    Her heels
    Up again…

    “I was born and raised
    In a Pius the Tenth Patch
    Known as Catholic Church
    And there still ain’t
    No match!!!”

  4. The writing on the wall became inescapable once the Register plastered their collusion with Visitor, America and the Reporter regarding the death penalty debate all over it. While Pat is sympathetic to the main cause, (he can’t always be right about everything), it does show how it’s dangerous to join with those on a few issues where it can lead to blurring of lines where we must hold fast.

    • Yes, the was the last of a series of strange things I had read there in the last year or so.

      They are clearly caving in to the “new times”.


  5. Archeologia…nomen omen

  6. sixlittlerabbits

    Mundabor, Thanks for posting Longskirts1’s poem on brer mother of ten. It makes this rabbit’s pink nose quiver with delight, and distracts that same nose from the smelly messes introduced by the Francine papacy.

    Some claim there’s no big loss without some small gain. Pat Archbold’s forced departure from the National Catholic Register is a big loss, but it reveals how low the Register has fallen–and that is something it is important to know.

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