Maundy Thursday Mass: Where’s The Trannie?

The Unholy Father chose another jail for another liturgical abuse. The chosen ones were six men and six women (therefore mercifully correcting Our Lord’s obvious sexism), and in order to give every sniffing pansy his moment of good feeling one of them was a single mother, a shining example of the new Family In The Time Of Mercy.

I missed the homo; which is strange, considering how much The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History loves to be near them. Actually, I missed the Trannie, too, seen that Frankie’s not very delicate sensitivity does not recoil in front of public, unrepented scandal and calls this complicity with abomination “mercy”.

But then I reflect that the Trannie on all Good Friday newspapers must have crossed the mind of Francis, sometime between two big plates of pasta, or whilst waiting for another portion of tiramisu. The fact is, the sheep do not stink enough yet for this. He must keep shitting heresies on them for another year at least; then, perhaps, in 2016 we will have the Trannie in the newspaper, all in tears, praising Francis to the sky for his oh so un-judgemental attitude.

Still, still…

Two years ago, the world stopped and watched a Pope do something so incredibly stupid, and so pleasing to them.

Two years later, they barely notice.

Modernism gets old very fast.


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  1. “Thereby mercifully correcting Our Lord’s obvious sexism.” I could not have said it better myself. This is what is so outrageous about these bizarre little deviations; they all imply that Jorge Bergoglio is more enlightened or somehow morally superior to Christ Himself, and that Jesus was some parochial Jewish man who didn’t have the courage of his divinity.

    If you believe that Christ was divine, you simply don’t engage in this kind of third rate improvisation.

    No, no, no! Not even if you’re a Jesuit.

  2. In Italy the principal photo of the event depicts him kissing the gentle foot of ablack ex soubrette, now in disgrace and in jails. Just a case?

  3. Robbie Sherman

    Isn’t that the truth. Modernism does get old fast. In fact, we’re seeing it with each passing Wednesday as Bergoglio’s public audience crowds grow smaller and smaller. Why should people traipse out to St. Peters when they can find a crack pot spouting crazy ideas on every street corner.

    People are, I think, beginning to grow tired of Bergoglio because he’s just a run of the mill spirit of ’68 hippie. Crowds show up for those who inspire, not those who attempt cheesy crowd pleasing stunts. And regrettably, I think Bergoglio realizes this too and will attempt some sort of wild publicity stunt the next time. Maybe he’ll invite Bruce Jenner to have his feet washed next year.

    • Yes.
      It’s like being a drug addict.
      The “god of surprises” (small g) must surprise you with even bigger surprises, lest he ceases to be such.

  4. sixlittlerabbits

    In the Prologue of “The Canterbury Tales”–written about 1400–Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in Middle English–using words that have been around a long time. The Parson, a virtuous shepherd of his flock, bemoans the evil of

    “A shiten shepherde and a clene sheep.
    Wel oghte a preest ensample for to yive [give],
    By his clennesse, how that his sheep shold live.”

    Francis is making the mess he wants to, as he stated at the beginning of his Francine papacy. And the shitty mess stinks to high heaven.

  5. HI:

    You wrote: “Two years ago, the world stopped and watched a Pope do something so incredibly stupid, and so pleasing to them.

    Two years later, they barely notice.”

    That is the problem with novelty. It gets old fast. So new forms of novelty need to be found. Frankie’s problem is that after the trannies, you start getting into fetishists that either don’t capture the collective imagination ( e.g. foot fetishes) or the ones that won’t be acceptable to a majority of sheep (s/m), Yet.

    In economics, it’s called the law of diminishing marginal utility. An example of this law is that when quenching your thirst, the second beer never tastes as good as the first. Hope the cardinal electors are cognizant of this law at the next conclave. 🙂

    A restful and peaceful Easter to you and your from the entire Armaticii clan is wished.

    He has risen!


  6. Could even Bergoglio handle two portions of tiramisu? Who can judge? but the fact remains he has destroyed (at least within the confines of the Novus Ordo) the meaning and authenticity of Maundy Thursday.

    • His waistline is on the verge of destruction, too.
      We have here one who loses discipline in eating in his late Seventies. He was fairly thin just a handful of years ago.
      Make of it what you wish, but I see in this the mark of a very earthly man.

    • Excellent point you make when you write: “but the fact remains he has destroyed (at least within the confines of the Novus Ordo) the meaning and authenticity of Maundy Thursday.”

      I was thinking about just this point. Think about how many other tenants of the Faith Francis has destroyed over the last two years. He literally destroys one each time he opens his mouth.

      I’m also thinking that the “god of surprises” is pulling a fast one on Francis. What ever the mess that is left after the Francis papacy, no one can take any of it seriously since it’s not coherent. It just psycho babble at best… sorry, it’s pastoral.

      And then I think we might need to change our views of the Pollyanna’s. They might have had the right idea of how to combat Francis all along(regardless of whether it is intentional). Post Francis, we will all be saying “but surely, Francis didn’t mean it in that way?” 😉 After all, he claimed to be a loyal son of the Church. 😉

    • I am afraid of someone as evil as Francis, but smarter. Tagle, for example.
      Hope the Lord spares us when the times comes to bury Francis. I volunteer for the shovel service in advance, by the way.

    • Let me know it there are any openings.

      As for Tagle, I think that with all the attention given him, he has become toxic. Too close to Francis and the Bologna school.

      Actually, I think the Manila visit could have been Francis’ kiss of death.

  7. PS. re ‘jesuits’: Two men considering a religious vocation were having a conversation. “What’s similar about the Jesuit and Dominican Orders?” one asked. The second replied, “Well, they were both founded by Spaniards – St Dominic for the Dominicans, and St. Ignatius of Loyola for the Jesuits. They were also both founded to combat heresy – the Dominicans to fight the Albigensians, and the Jesuits to fight the Protestants.” First guy asks, “So what’s the difference?” Answer, “Met any Albigensians lately?”

  8. One must allow that these feminists provide a much higher calibre of woman (wait until they get a chance to give God a piece of their minds) to Pope Francis than those with whom Our Lord had to make do.

  9. Mundabor, I was trying to be sarcastic. Forgive my clumsy attempt.

  10. Just to elaborate; the women accompanying Our Lord included firstly The Immaculate Conception, and of the rest it can be said that they were the only ones who didn’t run away during The Passion, unlike the Apostles. Yet He, in His Wisdom, chose none of these women as Apostles, not because they were unworthy-they were far more so than the cowardly Peter and his colleagues-but because that wasn’t their role-they, as women, could not represent the Bridegroom, something which many in the Church seem to forget.

  11. “Isabel” was the “transgender” person.

  12. Isabel Lisboa was the trannie and received communion as well.

    Not only was Isabel Lisboa’s foot washed but the transsexual also received communion on Holy Thursday!

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