Things Change, And Yet They Don’t.

I was re-reading an old post of mine about the unsung heroes.

The post was written in April 2012, around one year before Pope Castro was disgracefully picked by, probably, uninformed and complacent Cardinals.

You will notice that in those times a different mood was prevalent, and a feeling of clear – if far too slow and timid – improvement was certainly justified.

Three years later, the wrecking ball is working full time, and there is no day without bad news. I can’t, in fact, manage to follow them all, and have not written about the now officially unofficial demotion of the good bishop of Albenga-Imperia, found guilty of being bishop whilst Catholic.

How things have changed. And yet: how things have not changed.

The Church has gone through many crises, both caused from forces outside and inside her earthly structure. She has survived them all, and she will continue to survive them all. Every bishop like Bishop Oliveri (Albenga-Imperia) who is set aside for his Catholicism is like a seed of persecution that will, in time, bear abundant fruit, whilst the works of the evil people who work against Christ will, in time, be exposed and vanified.

So yes, things have changed, and instead of complaining about the far too slow pace of the return to sanity under Benedict we are now fearing a nuclear explosion in October. But not even this is new, and the Arian Crisis or John XXII can be considered analogous situations. The Church who has survived Robespierre, Stalin and Hitler will survive a gluttonous theological (and Catholic) non-entity like Francis. Will there be a lot of (metaphorical) blood on the ground? Yes. But this blood has always been the Church’s fertiliser, and many in the past were the times when the blood was not metaphorical at all.

As we approach Easter, and news of more nonsense from The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History reaches us every day, let us reflect on the Church’s Indefectibility and focus on the wonderful news we will hear at Mass tonight or tomorrow: resurrexit, sicut dixit.

A happy Easter to you all.


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  1. To you also Mundabor, please keep up the good work. It inspires us all.

    I was at Saint Patrick’s yesterday in New York and came across a small, glass-enclosed prayer card for the late Bishop Sheen. For his canonization.

    It reminded me of what he predicted: we will one day have a counterfeit church. It will “ape” the real Church.

    In my book, that day is here.

  2. Wonderful news, indeed….He is risen!
    A blessed Easter to you, sir, and then strength to your arm

  3. Mundabor:

    Have you read Cardinal Vincent Nichol’s latest response to the Synod? Here are the pertinent words:

    “With the desultoriness of chimpanzees, certain speakers moved from topics like concubinage, polygamy, and whoring, to fornication, adultery, and even the sin against nature, with seemingly little cognizance that for sins such as these, innumerable sinners fail to attain salvation.”

    “Desultoriness” means without purpose, fitful. He is calling certain members of the October synod flighty monkeys. That is not a compliment.

    He also calls sexual sin “whoring.” He might be one of your subscribers.

    And he comes close to speaking about hell.

    However, before he wrote this response, he wrote a really dumb one about the “realties” of divorce/remarriage and same sex unions and how wonderful it was that the synod fathers were discussing them.

    If he can turn completely around in such a short time, others can. Pray they will.


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