Trannii Probati?

I had joked some days ago, and said I missed the Trannie at Francis' Easter stunt.

Turns out I was wrong: one of the “women” (“Trannii probati”, evidently…) who got their feet washed was, you got it, a Trannie. Said Trannie also had the effrontery of receiving communion, at the hands of another priest, and live on Television, shortly thereafter.

If Francis knew of this, the degree of evil of this man clearly goes beyond what even I had imagined, making nothing less than a satanic mockery of Jesus' washing of the feet of His disciples.

But let us imagine that this was not the case. Let us imagine that Francis hasn't noticed the voice of the man, or in his innocence (provided such an old lewd man like him has any left) really thought her a woman, or has not noticed the man's Adam's apple (which, for all I know, should be an inescapable giveaway even if the man stays there without uttering a word, and hidden behind a ton of hair). Let us imagine all this, out of a charitable attitude the man (Francis, I mean here) does not deserve in the least.

Even if Francis has, in hypothesis, not willingly washed the feet of a Trannie, what has happened goes to show what the consequences of these media stunts are. Jails do not gather the most beautiful flowers of humanity. The Church certainly belongs in a jail, but the Church belongs there in order to convert or reform the sinners, not to encourage them in their sins. The latter is, most certainly, what has happened with this disgraceful episode.

There is no possible universe in which a Trannie can present himself for communion dressed like a woman – and therefore fully embracing, for everyone to see, his own perversion – and receive worthily. Her very attitude, clothes, walk, talk, in short: all her person will scream: “I am in mortal sin!”

If we can accept a world in which that is not mortal sin, then nothing must be a mortal sin. If we make excuses for a man dressed like a woman, there is no case in which we cannot fabricate excuses. If it is possible to walk, act, dress, and therefore live in perpetual defiance of Our Lord without this being a mortal sin, then it is impossible to see how the public concubine should not be able to receive communion. If we make allowance for, say, a fantasy “repentance” just before receiving, we must make the same allowance for the child rapist just before he proceeds to rape the child, and then again just before killing him.

Mortal sin is not only the specific act of, say, sodomy, or fornication between concubines. Mortal sin is already in the public scandal: in the obvious, and public, defiance of Our Lord's laws. This is why the public concubine is in mortal sin qua public concubine, and not only if she has sex. This is why the very fact of living in sin in front of the community excludes from communion even if Mr Concubine happens to be secretly impotent, and Mrs Concubine happens to be the frigidest bitch alive.

This is another grave scandal born of the immense stupidity – even excluding the evil intent – of this pontificate.

A Trannie had his feet washed, in place of men chosen in order to remind us of the Apostles. Men who had, traditionally, to be people of tested repute in their own community: viri probati. In the past age of sanity, even an immoral man would have been considered, and emphatically so, not worthy of having his feet washed on Maundy Thursday. We live in times in which a Trannie has his feet washed and no doubt many idiots, even among Catholics, wax lyrical about the “peripheries”, and all that rubbish.

Huge blunder or willed, satanical mockery? I do not know.

But it tells you everything you need to know about this Pontificate.



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  1. I’m told trannies often have their Adam’s apple shaved to make them less prominent. The whole bag of evil deceit.

    • Ha, but that can’t do much!
      My Adam’s Apple is completely hairless – as it the one of most people – and clearly noticeable… 😉

  2. HI:

    Check out this video below. It’s the UetO and check out the crowds. At the end, the VIP section is practically empty. And the it would appear that St. Peter’s has large pockets of emptiness. Could be the rain gear, but it looks like very thin crowds. The look on Francis’ face and Marini’s face tell it all. They are not happy campers. And somehow I don’t think it’s thinking about the killed Christians that has them in such a melancholy mood.

    Here’s a happy thought. I’m thinking that we might just be seeing two pope emeritii soon.

    • I was tempted to answer, “for their next stunt they will need a Trannie!”

      Too late for that, I am afraid.


    • The modernists are so easy to predict, aren’t they? 😉 You just knew that Francis had to get a trannie in there somewhere. What I find interesting is the fag that the French tried to foist on Francis. It would appear that Francis like to personally pick his fags.

    • I’d say at times he listen to his diplomatic service.
      For now at least.

  3. Of course he knew! This would have been planned in minute detail. Just a statistically improbable coincidence?? Yeah, like the multitude of other such daily diabolic “coincidences”! Blessed Michael, the Achangel, defend us in battle . . .

  4. I have heard of a case where a man suffered from Chrons disease. I’m not a medic but I think I read somewhere that Chrons disease can completely mess with a persons head and gender…in some cases….so there maybe a bats squeak of a get out clause…in some cases….obviously in other cases the person might just be a sexual pervert.

    • Look, Crouchback: when you are in front of a Trannie you don’t think “perhaps he has Chron’s disease”.
      Besides, unless this disease makes one insane it would not even begin to be an excuse.

  5. Sorry Crohns disease….my wifes a medic…she spelled it out for me….thats my bat squeak of an apology.

  6. What will it take to understand the signs and times we live in ? We must wail and cry soonand women and men and mothers and fathers weep for their children I think. This is a sad day in history of the church.

  7. It was calculated right enough. Francis is giving another clear signal which way he wants the synod to vote. Actions speak louder than words. Got the message, bishops?

  8. Guided by the teachings of their spiritual advisor, the devil, liberals delight in making a mockery of Holy Week but their efforts are really quite amusingly pathetic and they’d probably be better off if they just crawled under their rocks for the duration as the whole world celebrates the magnificent truth of the Resurrection.

  9. Dear Mundabor, Bergoglio gave communion to trannies here in Argentina when he was bishop, he did it in his slum masses or masses in public parks frequented by transvestites (prostitution areas) This is nothing new for me. And believe me your imagination still falls short about the vileness of this man, I think sooner or later what people say here will be exposed before the whole world.

  10. mariachristina9

    Unfortunately, I have to vote for satanic mockery. This pope seems to be a control freak who must direct everything and he will never miss an opportunity to insult faithful Catholics. Surely, he/she/it was deliberately hand picked to make a visual statement. And received Holy Communion on the tongue, no less. What a sacrilege! Kyrie elision.

  11. ‘Let us IMAGINE…there’s no heaven…no hell below us…no millstone around the neck.’

  12. I should have been more explicit.

    I understand there is a surgical operation where the bone is shaved to reduce the prominence of the Adams apple.

  13. Someone did a video interview of this ‘thing/it’ and it spoke all breathlessly trying to imitate a woman and said this is a pope for ‘marginalized’ people.
    Tradition in Action has the transcript.
    It was grotesque.

  14. I never heard and read that during the Holy Thursday Jesus washed his disciples’ feet with some women there and kissed men’s feet. I felt chill in my spine when Pope Francis kissing the man’s feet and looked like he enjoyed it very much; furthermore look again at the photo showing Monsignor Battista Ricca who has been accused of being gay caressing the pope’ face and both looked creepy. I was extremely disturbing and wonder if there is any prophecy telling us that the anti-Christ or false prophet would be a homo?

    • I have published the photo countless times.
      Ricca is not suspected of being a faggot, he is a notorious and very public one.
      Tools of the devil, both he and Frankie The Trannie Lover.

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