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The Prostituted Uterus

The always unbelievably satanical Nick Clegg (head of a fifth-wheel party largely noticed in the last five years for its vast uselessness) has proposed that a new profession be introduced in Britain: the professional surrogate for fags wanting to “have a child”.

Apparently, such monstrous “uterus for hire” agreements are already legal in the Socialist Republic of California, so if it is good for a country of legalised potheads it cannot be bad for LibDem Britain, can it now?

Clegg is not slow to point out that there are more fags wanting a new toy than women with a fully unnatural desire to have a baby in their womb for nine months and then… give it away. Life is astonishing, isn't it?

So let's put money into the equation, says Cleggy, Cameron's demure and very girlish boyfriend, and let us hire some prostitute uterus ready to be occupied for money, for nine months, for the pleasure of two fags. I am sure, absolutely sure, the same Clegg would consider the usual prostitution (the occupation of a sexual organ, for probably no longer than eight to twelve minutes, for money, and for the pleasure of one man) immoral; but hey, logic has left the man a long time ago, and I am afraid he will rediscover its cold touch only when he finds himself in hell.

It is completely pathetic how this fifth-wheel party tries to gain relevance by obsessing over the “rights” of an extremely tiny minority of perverts, hoping that the growing mass of the accomplices in the sin of sodomy may give them their vote because they… help fudge-packers to pack more fudge with such enthusiasm.

I doubt the strategy will fly. Fifth wheels are fifth wheels, and everyone looking at the car knows they don't count much.

Nick “Girlish boyfriend” Clegg might discover it very soon, too.


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