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Where Does It End?

A painfully beautiful blog post addresses the issue that it in our suffering hearts in these disgraceful times.

Where does it end?

Will Francis kiss a Trannie in the mouth one day? Will he give him a dildo as a birthday present because “Jesus would have wanted to let him feel included?” Will he dance in a tutu in St Peter's Square? Will he promote the beatification cause of Saul Alinsky?

I do not know where it does end. I know that it will end when the Lord decides that we have been punished enough, and when our yearning for things as they were leads us to reject the abominations of FrancisChurch.

But even in these times, and most of all in these times, we must keep in mind that it is not for us to question at which point the Church is not the Church anymore, because there is no such point. The Church is Indefectible even if Francis and Bishop Cupich makevlewd sex acts in public. She is Indefectible because the Lord says so. Therefore, nothing that can happen will lead me to question Our Lord's words, and seek for reassurance that “he is still right”. Forget “still”.

What we do, is to question at every step the antics of those (from the Pope down) who defile the Church. It might be that few of us do. It might be that very many of those who are born Catholics in this generation will be damned. But if this is so, they will be damned because they chose to believe lies, not because the Church is a lie.

Whenever you get discouraged, reflect on this: the lowest point of the Church was, very arguably, not during the Arian crisis or the Great Schism or the Protestant revolt. It was, arguably, when her first designated head, the one slated for being Her pastor in chief on earth, the one chosen by Christ as the first stone of the Divine Edifice, denied God three times.

The Church recovered then. She will recover now.

Where does it end?

We do not know. But we stand resolute in our intention to condemn bad pastors whatever happens, and stand with the Church whatever happens.



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