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Francis And The Poverty Fraud

The Unholy Father tries, once again, to muddle the waters of logic and common sense with confused talk about poverty.

Now let us clear a couple of things for the simple: the very first community of Christians put, factually, their goods in common because they were inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit in order to create a leaven that would then allow the Church to grow. But this societal organisation never was the expected model of Christian society, nor did the Church ever encourage this sort of exercise outside of small organisations who freely decide to organise themselves in that way. Not even a priest is obliged to give his patrimony to the Church, much less the poor, much less the Government.

Francis knows that. He knows that, I am sure, even when he is tipsy, which I suspect happens more often than many imagine. But he does not refrain – whether because of alcohol intake, or not – from implying or suggesting that this is the way things are supposed to work now, in the Argentina and Italy and United States of the XXI Century.

This is patently stupid. So what does the man do? He first implies his embracing of the stupid, populist ideology, and then covers his fat backside with some linguistic exercise which boils down to plain, old, Jesuitical deception.

We are, then, informed that “poverty” would be “the capacity to manage my possession with generosity and for the common good”. But this is simply not what poverty is. Poverty is, by definition, a state of unwanted and painful scarcity of, in this case, material goods. Even the simple lifestyle of the man of means who donates much of the income he doesn't even know how to spend can, in case, be defined as an extreme example of generosity, but never of poverty.

So why does Francis push this strange idea of poverty? Because, my dear reader, he wants to expropriate you, as made abundantly clear by his frequent socialist talk of forced redistribution.

The entire thinking is, of course, contradictory and perhaps simply drunken. You can't condemn poverty one day and praise it the day after. But Francis isn't the type to care for coherence, or – I suspect – sobriety. To him, you must put your good at the disposal of the poor. If you don't, the state must take them from you and do it for you. On a planetary scale, the UNO must push for this to happen at interstate level.

Francis is a Socialist's dream, and a Catholic's nightmare. His forma mentis is one of utter and complete Socialism, with the excuse of a very thin varnish or pretend Catholicism.

He is a fraud packaged in lies.


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