Francis And The Poverty Fraud

The Unholy Father tries, once again, to muddle the waters of logic and common sense with confused talk about poverty.

Now let us clear a couple of things for the simple: the very first community of Christians put, factually, their goods in common because they were inspired to do so by the Holy Spirit in order to create a leaven that would then allow the Church to grow. But this societal organisation never was the expected model of Christian society, nor did the Church ever encourage this sort of exercise outside of small organisations who freely decide to organise themselves in that way. Not even a priest is obliged to give his patrimony to the Church, much less the poor, much less the Government.

Francis knows that. He knows that, I am sure, even when he is tipsy, which I suspect happens more often than many imagine. But he does not refrain – whether because of alcohol intake, or not – from implying or suggesting that this is the way things are supposed to work now, in the Argentina and Italy and United States of the XXI Century.

This is patently stupid. So what does the man do? He first implies his embracing of the stupid, populist ideology, and then covers his fat backside with some linguistic exercise which boils down to plain, old, Jesuitical deception.

We are, then, informed that “poverty” would be “the capacity to manage my possession with generosity and for the common good”. But this is simply not what poverty is. Poverty is, by definition, a state of unwanted and painful scarcity of, in this case, material goods. Even the simple lifestyle of the man of means who donates much of the income he doesn't even know how to spend can, in case, be defined as an extreme example of generosity, but never of poverty.

So why does Francis push this strange idea of poverty? Because, my dear reader, he wants to expropriate you, as made abundantly clear by his frequent socialist talk of forced redistribution.

The entire thinking is, of course, contradictory and perhaps simply drunken. You can't condemn poverty one day and praise it the day after. But Francis isn't the type to care for coherence, or – I suspect – sobriety. To him, you must put your good at the disposal of the poor. If you don't, the state must take them from you and do it for you. On a planetary scale, the UNO must push for this to happen at interstate level.

Francis is a Socialist's dream, and a Catholic's nightmare. His forma mentis is one of utter and complete Socialism, with the excuse of a very thin varnish or pretend Catholicism.

He is a fraud packaged in lies.


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  1. Do not be so sure that he knows what you said in the second paragraph.

  2. “He first implies his embracing of the stupid, populist ideology, and then covers his fat backside with some linguistic exercise which boils down to plain, old, Jesuitical deception.” Shame. The first Jesuits underwent unspeakable hardships to Preach Christ and gain Converts. Then later, especially in the 1800s our True Popes considered, ‘something’s not right in the state denmark’, when it came Jesuit ‘teachings, indoctrination, and influence.’ Those Popes were right. We now have Jesuitismmmmm, despite the fact that St Robert Bellarmine, who had an inkling or suspicion of the abuse of higher offices.

  3. Thanks for pointing out these truths Mundy:+) Btw, how have you been lately? You haven’t been posting as much. Hope you are ok:+) Taking a break and getting some peace and quiet I hope:+) Or maybe the flak from the Satanic hierarchy is taking a vacation:+) God bless you~

  4. mariachristina9

    Hi Mr. M. While I appreciate the Pope’s concern for the poor, if he is advocating a forced redistribution of wealth, then he is clearly wrong as this is against the Eighth and Tenth Commandments. If Almighty God didn’t recognize the individual’s right to property, then there would be no need for those two commandments. On the other hand, all voluntary giving to the poor is commendable, and the wealthy person who has no charity will have to answer to God on Judgement Day. I do try to understand Francis, but I agree with you that he does contradict himself, and so many times he can be confusing.

    • He is not confusing.
      He is a goddamn Socialist, and he is not confusing at all.
      You find him “confusing” because you try to reconcile what he says with Catholicism.
      Be assured he makes no such effort.

  5. Hope the “situation” resolves itself in a good way:+) We miss you, and yet are grateful that you post at all during this time:+) God bless~

    • It’s nothing sad or tragic. But it’s one of those times where there is simply an extraordinary situation. Give me a month, I hope it will get better.


  6. of course he is a fraud! we argentines know that very well.. Mundabor the “gossip” about Bergoglio being blackmailed by our uncultured atheist president Cristina Fernandez are geting stronger as elections get closer and the country sinks into crisis, economy is in shambles, inflation is through the roof, crime rates are on the rise.. soon Bergoglio will receive Mrs. Fernandez again, this will be 5th time he will receive her. Mrs. Fernandez is the head of the most corrupt govement this country has ever had and being a country where corruption is as natural as breathing is really serious…the public opinion is angry and many people wonders why Bergoglio the anticorruption heroe is receiving a woman suspected of acts of corruption which would involve thousand of millions of dollars, the president that spends one millon dollars a year in jewels in a country where children die of hunger…. the people here is angry at his double standar seems his only concern is the corruption on the developed world, he turns one eye blind to the corruption of his peronist populist che guevarian and caviar lefty friends who speak about poverty from the developed countries they say to despise. Many people here say Mrs. Fernandez and her banana republic version of the gestapo (used to blackmail and destroy disidents ranging from actors to judges) have many information about the personal life of Bergoglio and use this to force him to show a shameless, submissive support to her ultra corrupt government. Recently a journalist – Alfredo Leuco- sent him a letter which was also published by the scarce disident media here in which he questioned his constantly receiving member of this gov seriously questioned by the public opinion and the justice: the vatican is the den of peronist thieves many people say. If you knew the things that happen here dear Mundabor.. you would be even more angry at this dirty old man than you are now.Maybe you don’t post this message but please take some time to read the argentine news and you wil see all I said is true. God Bless you.

    • I will most certainly post this message.

      If someone belongs to Francis’ clique he does not care a straw how corrupt, homosexual, or suspected of abetting pedophiles he is.


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