In San Francisco, Dissenters Are Smelling The Blood

As many of you know, Archbishop Cordileone of San Francisco has been involved in a controversy for some time now, because he insists on unspeakable things like demanding that teachers in Catholic schools live and teach in a Catholic way.

Things have now massively escalated as a group of soi-disant prominent Catholics dissenters have bought an entire page of the San Francisco Chronicle to ask that the Archbishop be removed, as his obvious Catholicism is out of place in the diocese and could keep other dissenters from deceiving themselves.

I think only one of two can apply here:

1. The dissenters have really – as they claim – tried to obtain the Archbishop's removal through unofficial channels; they have failed, and now bitch in public like it's Elton John Day.

2. The dissenters have been told by friendly sources in Rome: “we can't just move the man out of the blue; but make some Lio and we will take it as an excuse to remove him because hey, he fosters divisions”.

I hope the first, and fear the second. It seems to me very much in tune with this satanical Pontificate that mob-pressure in Stalin-style be used as the excuse for the purge. The obvious Catholicism of Archbishop Cordileone must be unwelcome in Francis' entourage, and runs counter to the anti-Catholic rubbish the Unholy Father goes spitting out of his godless mouth practically every day. I am, therefore, not very optimistic, albeit it can still be that Francis prefers not to create a precedent of the sort, particularly after his extremely controversial appointment in Chile.

The main point of today is, though, a different one: if we had a halfway decent Pope, the public call for his removal would not make any sense both financially and as a PR instrument. Irrespective of how this situation is going to develop, the very fact that the call was published shows how emboldened dissenters feel in the so-called “age of mercy”, where being Catholic is considered unmerciful.

Let us increase our prayers not only for the good Archbishop, but for the end of this satanical Pontificate.



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  1. Perhaps we should all say a a Rosary for him

  2. It’s simple: Archbishop Cordileone does not have enough mercy. He must be eliminated.

  3. Prayers sent.

  4. I hope the good archbishop and other faithful are escorted by angels out San Fransodom before the fire falls.

  5. sixlittlerabbits

    Amen, Mundabor. Thank you for the reminder to increase our prayers.

  6. Who could have believed, a few decades ago, that those who support homosexuality, abortion and test tube babies would be called ‘Catholics’ with the ‘authority’ to revolt against an Archbishop simply holding to Catholic Truth? All the worse that those ‘catholics’ feel ’empowered’ to petition ‘Rome’ over this. Unbelievable.

  7. Sonia. Not so unbelievable when you realize that the Truth has been silenced for the most part for the last 50 years. So Russia was consecrated to our Lady? Really ??!!

  8. Kudos for small step in a Catholic direction for Cordileone. Prayers might well be in order for him due to the fact that he was arrested for drunk driving BEFORE he was raised to the office of archbishop and he still thought, after the arrest, that he was a good candidate….

    • He was, and is, an excellent candidate, and “drunk driving” is a vast exaggeration.

      Give me more Cordileone, and they can have one glass too much at dinner everytime they want…


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