Meet Francis, The Evil Clown

It seems to me the more The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) feels isolated, the more he tries to counterattack with assertions that can only be defined as opposed to Christianity, if not outright blasphemous at least in their end result.

Firstly, Francis has taken on this disgusting (heretic, possibly blasphemous) habit of telling us that whoever does not follow him in whatever heretical (blasphemous?) novelties he preaches displeases God, has no God, is dead inside, or something of the sort.

This time, as you might have read, it is “dialogue”. For two thousand years, Christians wanted to convert. In the age of Francis, suddenly conversion is nowhere to be found. Instead we have “dialogue”, which basically boils down to giving legitimacy to error against a very vague hope that our blabbering may persuade someone to convert out of us telling him to hold on to his Koran.

Who the heck is this old nincompoop; this ass in white; this fat, arrogant, lewd old man to tell us that not only God has changed (an heresy in itself, and a blasphemy in that it obviously denies a fundamental attribute of God’s Divine Perfection), but that he is the legitimate authority, the Chosen One to tell us exactly how God has changed, and how we must behave in order not to displease this, erm, new god Francis apparently knows so well? Give me a stake, and I’ll show you how such arrogance should be fittingly punished (after due deposition, of course; see above in the fixed “pages” for more details).

Then there is the other habit, which enrages me beyond words (even the strong ones), of always comparing Christians to Pharisees.

The evil clown obviously wants to persuade you that the Christians of today are exactly what the Pharisees of yore were: wrong. As the Pharisees were stubbornly attached to an old religion, made obsolete by Christ, Christians who believe in everything in which Christianity has always believed are now obsolete, passé, and left behind by a new god and a new religion; a religion consisting in adoring the Goddess Of Mercy and Francis, her Fat Prophet.

These two heretical, and in the end blasphemous habits both point out to a core message: forget Christianity. We are in a new time of mercy, and this new time has a new god and new rules, and those who follow the Only God and the (forcibly) immutable rules are the bad ones.

My blood boils everytime I read Francis’ pagan preaching; a preaching coming from the Pope, of all people; a satanical cocktail of lies and deception that can only be explained with God’s wrath at his faithless and stupid children; so faithless and so stupid, in fact, that they even reject the concept of God’s wrath. It pains me beyond words that whenever this heretical (or blasphemous) propaganda is spitted by that disgusting mouth, I seldom read more than polite disagreement.

Call him an idiot, a nincompoop, an evil man. That’s who he is, and you know it. Polite disagreement will not make him stop. Worldwide ridicule might.

Let us say it again: the stake is what this man has deserved. I doubt it would be enough to save a man as rotten as this, but you never know.

I am, at least, all in favour of making the attempt.


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  1. May I rephrase something you said?

    “As the Pharisees were stubbornly attached to an old religion, made obsolete by Christ, Christians who believe everything that Christ taught are now obsolete, passé, and left behind by the Holy Spirit – who is moving us beyond the historical dialectic of the Father and the Son into a progressive era of self-actualization. Of course, this phase, too, is passing as we segue way into the “God of Surprises” – the biggest surprise being that we are our own gods. If you disagree with this it simply means that you too are passé and will be assigned – along with the Holy Trinity – to the ash heap of history.”

  2. mariachristina9

    Excellent post, Mr. M. What a grotesque picture but I fear you may have captured the Pope’s “inner man”. Two thoughts on dialogue: Eve “dialogued” with the serpent in the Garden of Eden and look where that got us. Our Lord instructed his disciples “And whoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.” Matthew 10:14. So much for dialogue!

  3. It is awesome! you are not wimpy at all. Congratulate your accurate canon shot hits right at the target, the hidden devil. Thank you for your courage to identify and expose the real devil for us. You shows us that he is trying to destroy the Catholic by lying, confusing, dividing and rejecting Christ teachings. May the Lord put him away and God bless you.

  4. Re: the pharisees.
    What gets overlooked a lot of the time – and for the life of me I can never fathom why – is that the Pharisees were hypocrites. False in what sense? Well, if I profess the law and believe in God – even if I strain the gnat and gulp the camel – it’s not hypocritical. If I don’t profess profess the law and don’t believe in God, again, it’s not hypocritical. But the moment I profess the law (or go to church) and don’t really believe in it, then I’m a hypocrite. The hypocrites – pharisees – are those among us who look like believers, do what believers do, but don’t really believe.

    Those pharisees who converted certainly had a problem letting go of the law, (St Paul – himself a pharisee by training – took care of that in Acts 15). Our Lord condemned the scribes and pharisees, as a class, for their unbelief:- they professed the law, enjoyed all the privileges of teachers of the law, but were in fact unbelievers. They were – I suppose – interested in social cohesion, the ‘Jewish identity’ centered around praxis, and not in the rightful object of worship. Legalism may be a sin, a falling short or missing the mark, but it is not in itself blasphemy, and nor is it hypocrisy.

    As for “dialogue”, there is only one valid “logue” – the Word of God, Our Lord. Feel the newness? No? Rightly so, because God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

    Evangelisation has always entailed talking and listening, it has always entailed two “logics” – that of the unsaved versus God’s truth, but it has never been a ‘multi-logic” in any sense of the term.

  5. Oops – somehow I lost a sentence there, between the first and second. I meant to include a definition of hypocrite as ‘wearing a (false) face’.

  6. I see a “Missionary of Mercy” will have to be sent to cure you of your tendency to discriminate between good and evil.

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