Francis And Williams II: A Parallel

The recent news about Bishop Finn (and less recent news about Bishop Barros of Chile) allow us to make a very short reflection about Francis: 

If you are a decent Bishop, the Pope will let you cook with the slow burner until you are forced out, because it seems you have not always been perfect in the past. 

If you are one of his friends, or friends of the friends, you can be an obvious protector of pedophile priests, and he will make you bishop ignoring the massive, massive popular protest. 

Francis is like a drunken, inept, stupid king of the past. 

One is reminded of William II, the unfortunate son of the more famous William the Conqueror:

arrogant, inept, impious, and possibly a sodomite.

P.s. I read here the open accusation that Bishop Barros would be a homo himself. It would explain the “friends of the friends” connection wonderfully. 

Truly, Francis is one of the devil. 

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  1. The beast from the earth.

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