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Elton John, the pathetic freak show, has just stated that Francis is “his hero”; seasoning his stupid utterances with the usual bollocks about his own perverted concept of “love”. It is clear here that the pathetic freak show is referring to Francis’ failed attempt to pervert Catholicism toward sexual perversion.

This will make headlines worldwide.

I wonder how many Pollyannas will start to open their big blue eyes after this. A man who is everything the Church considers scandalous and abominable praises a Pope for trying to bring the Church on his side. If this does not open Pollyanna’s big eyes, what ever will?

Open your big blue eyes, Pollyanna. This is a papacy fit for atheists and perverts. By continuing in your increasingly more stubborn blindness, you are endangering your soul.


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  1. Now we have the news that a local US TV star and his ‘husband’ have adopted a baby girl. Poor little creature. I hope I will remember to pray for these poor little souls, sold into slavery by their mothers. They couldn’t even protest! And by the time they reach the age of reason, their misguided reason will show them that their ‘two fathers’ are wonderful. I can’t forget that horrible couple who were the poster children for gay adoption in Australia a few years back. The American partner is in prison in the US; not sure where the Aussie is. What damage was done to the little boy who was so horrendously mistreated by them!

    • I doubt many children “adopted” by perverts enjoy their childhood. Imagine the bitching and the selfishness that must go on over there.

      Can you give me a link about the “poster boy” now in jail?



    This makes me shudder when I think of the poor innocent victims of Elton John, the US TV personality, and all of the suffering unknown children in this horrible situation.

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