Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Who Is The Gayest Of Them All?

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I have not written anything about the new Cardinals, because little has come to my screen, up to now, concerning them.

But if this chap is indicative of the general quality, we are in for a very rough ride.

The new Cardinal-designate Dew is such a Kasperite he should get the t-shirt. Nothing in what he says would let you think he is a Catholic. He sounds like a Presbyterian wannabe-bishop, bitching and whining around as he reflects on what shade of pink would make him look better.

We do not know about the sexual orientation of this walking disgrace. But the emotional “argument” of the man is so effeminate that one truly wonders.Are there no men left among the leftists?

Firstly, note the expression, apparently used already as early as 2005:

“the scandal of hunger for eucharistic food”.

This is a purely emotional appeal letting the Church appear an…

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