Two Peas In A Pod

The pot was good, uh?

The pot was good, uh?



Diego Maradona has met the Pope. Again. 

Maradona is known to football (soccer) fans as one of the most arrogant, stupid, and entitled football players ever to squander his (enormous) football talent with endless ways to make an ass of himself.

He played in Italy for several years. Pretty much no one liked him besides those who rooted for the team he played for, Napoli. He managed a string of controversies without precedents in Italian football, from the illegitimate child to the tax evasion trial to the unjustified (and never really punished) absences from the team, to the gaudiest, most tasteless marriage ever organised by a “son of the peripheries”. His ability to lie with the journalists in the most obvious way was a shock for Italy, a Country where lies are at least expected to be believable.

Maradona never had this attitude. He lied because he was able to. He either didn’t care, or was too stupid to notice, that everyone saw through his lies. His arrogance was possibly surpassed only by his stupidity, and both dwarfed his huge talent. He even got in the habit of speaking of himself in the third person with journalists. Ah, he was also on cocaine.

When Argentina won the Football World Championship in 1986, through a hand goal of him in the semi-final, only a Maradona could have had the arrogance of calling his cheating feat “the hand of God”. It truly tells you all you need to know about the man. It reminds me of that Pope who implied that Jesus deceived His Apostles, and found it good.  


There was the joke in Italy that God had started making Maradona from the feet; and once He saw what feet he had given him he had compensated when making the rest of him. 

Let us, then, compare the Unholy Father with his “greatest fan”, Diego Maradona. 

Arrogant? Check. 

Ignorant? Check 

Drug use? Check 

Full of himself? Check 

Full of sh!t? Double check. 

Like Maradona, who in those years shocked Italians so much with the brazenness of his entire persona, Francis lies simply because he can. The same arrogance, the same boorishness, the same utter disregard for decency or reality we saw once in Maradona we see now replicated in another son of his country. 

I remember Maradona, and observe Bergoglio. Not for the first time, I seem to notice that these two are two peas in a pod; not only because they share elementary character traits, but also because they seem to come from a country where such brazenness is certainly not condemned or ridiculed as it would be elsewhere, and it is probably even  – more or less secretly – appreciated as a sign of self-confidence, or derring-do. But it isn’t. To behave like Maradona or Bergoglio you don’t need to be brave, merely lacking in integrity and shame.  

I see these two, and I know that they are two peas in a pod.

Pope Francis The-Pot-Smoker, The Hand of Satan. 

How deep have we fallen.


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  1. Right on target. It’s not the average Argentinian but the average “porteño” (Buenos Aires inhabitants) that is like that.

    I despise these traits, but have to admit that they ARE really considered a sign of cleverness, success and friendliness, something valued and cherished by those who are very porteños.

    As I commented some time ago, I had big trouble with priests. They sent bullies to shut me up and I dared face them and accuse them publicly. When I told them their corruption was not christian they said I could not judge them since what I saw as corruption is “culturally accepted”. I cannot judge someone for behaving like the rest of the country.

    So, should I move to another country to find a more christian atmosphere?

    • If you can, yes.

    • The scoreboard shows so far: Maradroga 3 – Asia Bibi 0

      Myself, I moved to another country, where at least they are still fighting.

      There are three “peads in a pot,” you should add Obama to this list,although he is more disciplined in his evil, unlike his Argentinian colleagues.

      PS: In Argentina Maradona is frequently called Maradroga, given his conspicuous consumption of mind-altering substances. Maradroga has been also caught taking it in the rear, so you should add sympathy for the nefarious vice to the list of commonalities.

    • A homo, too? Unbelievable…

  2. actually I can, I only need courage to make the decision 🙂

  3. Maradona in his trannie persona:

    No wonder why Francis likes him so much. Next to get his feet washed by “His Holiness”?

  4. Maradona is a jerk nothing compare to Pope Francis who is the most deceptive, best disguised wolf in the Church history. On the slight surface of personality they might look alike: Maradona is seeking to satisfy his lowly, dirty, personal desires; but Francis, a total difference, carrying the Satanic mission to destroy the Catholic Church. He can play dumb, forgetful, ignorant and make believing all he wants; but he has no ability to hide from Holy Ghost who will strike him down very soon. This is the Christ’ Church.

  5. Maradona has had many homosexual scandals too here in Argentina Mundabor.. should another check be added? time will tell!

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