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Evil Francis Wants You To “Kneel In Veneration” In Front Of The Poor

Whenever I read about the next absurd statement from the Unholy Father I think “is there no limit to the stupidity of this man?” But then I reflect that in the end no one can be so stupid, and that behind the stupidity is clealry a plan. The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History can not also be The Most Stupid Jerk In Humanity.

Francis now invites the faithful to kneel in veneration in front of the poor. This is the umpteenth sign of where Francis wants to lead the Church: away from God, and in the nether regions of earthly cares and social issues; which, in his case, clearly means socialism.

There is no way even an idiot could so relentlessly push a godless agenda. The idiot in question would ask around what is to do, and would rely on people he knows as orthodox. There is no way anyone could push his agenda with such evil consistency without wanting it. There is nothing like one thousand coincidences.

Francis wants you to forget God, and to substitute Him with a purely earthly religion of social justice – with the thinnest varnish of spirituality for added effect – for the sake of being adored by the stupid masses as he avoids the duty of being, actually, a Pope.

The attack to the Catholic religion happens along three main lines: the environment, the social justice issues, and the “mercy” drive.

With the first he wants you to believe that men could, in fact, destroy the earth (a blasphemy, and typical of atheists) unless you put yourself in the hands of Big Government (a Socialist mainstay). With the second, he pushes the hatred of the poor against the rich (not his rich friends; the others) and again directs you to forget God and focus on Socialist ideals. With the third, he encourages you to think that the Church, and actually the entire Catholic religion, is wrong and in need of being remade according to… Castro.

Do not be fooled by the tale of the naive Pope. You have had no excuses for a long time now.

And you know what scares me most in all this? It is the chilling realisation of how angry God must be with us, to inflict such an evil scoundrel on us as the Pope.

Serves us right, in the end. For too long we have thought that Catholicism was in need of repair. Now we got the sledgehammer served, in order to make us understand that there was nothing wrong with the Church as it was, and we can't do better than God. We (Catholicism at large) wanted V II, and we will now have to have Francis rammed down our throat. If we didn't like God's work, let's see how we enjoy the wreck we have creted. We must now live with this evil clown, and can only hope many will get to see the light before tey die. Because if they don't, I truly wouldn't want to be them when their day comes.



Memorial Services

In this more and more heathenish Country one hears with increasing frequency about “Memorial Services”. I understand this as something that can, but does not have to, have anything to do with God. It may simply be people who meet in the favourite park of the deceased and therein “offer” something heathensh, like a song; thus, of course, putting themselves centre stage.

Now let us think one minute. If these are religious services of sort – heavens, even made by Anglicans – then it still means that, in some corner of their mind, the participants know that this life is and happens in the shade of the next one. It is bad they do not want us to know (otherwise they would call it “Mass”), but at least they know.

If, however, the “service” is a kind of godless “tribute”, then it is fully absurd. If there is no God and no afterlife everything is utterly, perfectly nonsensical. We are born, struggle to stay alive, strive to reproduce, and at some point end, and nothing in this has any sense or purpose beyond mere animal survival. Not even our DNA code is the real winner, because it most certainly does not know it is.

If there is no God, the only acceptable kind of remembrance is: “the poor brute was born, lived, then died into nothingness, like everyone else; no one knows how, no one knows why, and no one can make any sense of it”. Playing a guitar song in his favourite spot is just as absurd as the rest, an emotional, childish desire to please not the deceased, but oneself.

At these services, the “goodness” of the deceased will most ceretainly be praised. Which is absurd again.

If at the end of life is nothing, there's nothing saying that Stalin was worse than St Francis. Good and bad are, then, purely subjective, and goodness is only a possible survival strategy for the weak. If there is no God, there is simply no goodness, only survival and self-satisfaction. Stalin, then, was really, really good at the most elementary need of the animal called human. I wonder how many of the emotional participants to heathenish “memorial services” get this. But then again I do not think they get an awful lot anyway.

Modern Brits make a lot of things that have lost their meaning. They go to Church because it's Christmas, but they don't believe in the Christian God. They have a Queen whose only function is to kiss children, open kindergartens, and generate tourism revenue, but they do not see the absurdity of the entire exercise. They wear crosses that are merely decorative. They say 'o my God' and do not believe in Him. They kill unborn children, and are mad at the idea of the fox hunt. They obsess about their health system, and their souls have cancer. They must “celebrate” everything, even deaths, to avoid thinking of it.

And they have “memorial services” instead of, well, a proper Mass.


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