Despise And The Religion Of Niceness.

New Religion

New Religion

A new religion is infiltrating itself in the mind of effeminate Anglos. This is a religion in which everything that is not nice in any way, shape, or form is suddenly bad; nay, un-Catholic. One example is the idea that it would be bad to despise; nay, that we should be ashamed of despising anybody.

It is a mystery to me how these people (not they, of course; their forefathers) could defeat the Nazis. If they had to try again they would be defeated in no time, and would swear they must dialogue with Hitler, and of course not despise him or Nazism; because you see, this is so very bad, and we are good Christians, aren’t we now.

The contrary is, actually, true. Despise is simply the contrary of appreciation, or admiration. Therefore, we not only can, but we must despise what goes against God’s plan for us, or what evidently makes the work of the devil.

To think differently means to live in a fluffy world in which nothing bad exists, Satan is merely a bit naughty at times, and we are oh so appreciative of everyone; because you see, Cardinal Kasper would be a wonderful man, if only he could… no wait, I am saying something not appreciative about him. let me stop here, lest anyone should say that I despise the man. *

It would be simply amazing to me (if I had not lived now many years in the midst of this new religion) that anyone could call himself a Christian and not make an obvious, public show of contempt for the enemies of Christian society. But then again I am a Christian, so there…

We see this everywhere in Christian Scripture, which is certainly not dripping niceness: “Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?” isn’t generally said to people for whom one feels a keen appreciation. On the contrary, one clearly despises those of whom he talks in that way. Or is it whipping people outside of the temple the sign of a keen appreciation of their, no doubt, very high qualities we still do not know, because we have not practised dialogue with them for long enough? 

Do these “religion of niceness” people ever read the Gospel? When was the last time they did?   

The Old Testament is the same, only at times it is harsher.

Of the ungodly the Psalmist says:  “As a dream when one awaketh; so, O Lord, when thou awakest, thou shalt despise their image”. This does not mean that God falls asleep, of course; but that in His good time he will show the ungodly how much he despises them. Of course He does. God loves everyone antecedently. It does not mean that he refrains from having a clear opinion of Stalin.

Or try this: “the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man”. I can almost hear the priests of the Religion of Nice here, inviting God to reflect on how good a Christian he is.  I have made only a couple of example. He who reads the Bible will find infinite others. In addition to that, two thousand years of burning heretics and of Crusades, or hatred for lie and love for Truth, speak a clear enough language. 

It goes without saying that the despise of despicable people does not mean that we wish them hell, or are moved by blind hatred of other sort. We do not love our enemies in the sense that we actually make love to them. We love our enemies in that we wish them salvation and realise the immense worth they have for God as immortal souls. But we certainly should despise what is despicable, and should hate what is hateful.

If we love truth, we despise the lie. If we love Christ, we despise His enemies. If we love the flag, we despise those who betray it. If we avoid doing so, then our fidelity to truth, Christ, or the flag can very well be questioned, because even St Francis wanted to teach the Muslims with the sword. 

What kind of spineless girls have we become, and what kind of rape have we perpetrated against our religion, if even despise should be beyond the pale of the Christian.


* For the record: I do despise the man. Big time.  I find him utterly despicable. If it depended on me, he would die at the stake.

Not nice at all, I know.  But you see, this is how the Church dealt with the likes of Kasper in more Christian times.  

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  1. So…your comments are obviously correct. It is surprising how horrible one can appear by holding real moral principals, and so I imagine you will receive comments to that effect. It does not mean you, and we who believe as you do, are wrong. Thank you for having the courage to say it in a time when ordinary Faith is considered shocking.

  2. I am half way through the book of Ezekiel in my private reading of Scripture. Highly recommend it to everyone either subscribing to or resisting the Church of Nice. The parallels between the apostasy which that great prophet faced and the apostasy we see today are very striking – at times it’s practically word-for-word a description of the state of today’s hierarchy. For those interested in eschatology and typology it is also a wonderful boost to the faith for anyone struggling in the face of such rubbish as comes from the mouths of many so-called Catholics today. Pull no punches, they deserve nothing else, and the rubbish they spout must be called out for what it is.

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