USA Start To Experience The “Religion Of Peace”

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And so it goes: an US group mindful of freedom of expression organises a “Mohammed cartoon contest”, with no less than $10,000 for the winner. 

In Europe no such initiative would be allowed, because Europe is not really free. It is, rather, a conglomerate of democracies in which the citizen decide in which way they want not to be free, and controlled by a Benevolent Nanny.

The US are, though, rather free, in the sense that at least they still take freedom of expression much more seriously than us (as for the freedom of religion, the jury is out). They organise, then, the context.

Alas, they also learn that in XXI America, the religion of peace is coming to their own homes, with two Muslims starting to peacefully try to kill as many citizens as they can before being killed themselves.   

Note here the following: 

1) You can’t make anything that displeases the peaceful Muslim brother without running the risk of being killed. 

2) The security did not engage in “dialogue”. They gunned the two bastards down. 

3) The event took place in Texas. I am not the only one to think this is one of those places where a number of people take their freedoms seriously and are, therefore, armed. It’s difficult to make a massacre of people armed. Much better if they are all harmlessly sitting there, like European sheep ready for the slaughter. 

The US got another demonstration of the “religion of peace”.  One wonders how many more lessons they will need. 


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  1. The Texas boys didn’t give “give peace a chance”!

  2. Don’t mess with Texas you towel-headed freaks. We are heavily armed and just waiting for you to act out. You will be killed by the bushel if necessary.

  3. OTOH, it is the Sikhs who wear the head wraps. Many an American mistakenly believes Sikhs are Muslims. The Sikhs seem a peaceful people. So, perhaps Murderous Camel Jockies is a better appellation. 😉

  4. Terribly, for those who have been watching events with clear eyes for years, we know that the NWO elites have been planning and gaining more and more control of people for a long time. The rate has speeded up a lot in recent years. They manipulate people through Media and “education” programmes in schools, workplaces, etc., creating crises and war situations to further progress their objectives. This is why the now-called ISIS has been receiving lots of money, equipment, training, intelligence, etc.
    Destruction of marriage, family, community, Church, has all been necessary to achieve further control and take away people’s power to defend themselves and their families and communities, morally, spiritually, intellectually, economically, physically.

    Motus in fine Velocior.

    Wars and Revolution are planned and enabled to gain more and more control. It is diabolic.

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