Judasgate: Let’s Talk About “Empathy”

Empathy is defined as, for what interests us:

the psychological identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another.

I can vividly picture Rick “Judas” Santorum sitting at a table together with rather nervous “advisers” after Judasgate. They were, no doubt, the same people who had previously advised him to “open” to the “LGBT community” and “broaden his appeal”.

They therefore sit all there, and ask themselves: “how can we explain Judas to Christians in a way that makes him look acceptable?”

Apparently, they could not come out with anything better than “empathy“. This means that they are telling us that when Rick “Judas” Santorum is confronted with sexual perverts of the most atrocious sorts, and of the most hardened variety, what he does is not to admonish the sinner, or be concerned about the danger of hell for others. He does not think his duty as a wannabe leader to state very clearly – for the benefit of the pervert, and of everyone else – what terrible consequences this behaviour has.

No. When confronted with such a behaviour, Rick “Judas” Santorum has nothing better to do than to vicariously experience the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of these perverts.

Congratulations, Mr Santorum. You have shot yourself straight in the balls for the second time in a row. You deserve your advisors, and they deserve you. Who knows, Judas possibly felt empathy for the plight of the Pharisees. It's a pity such delicacy of character was so long overlooked.

Now the leftists shoot at you because you aren't still quite like them, and the Catholics are disgusted by you because you are, well, Judas.

I have suspected for quite some time that modern democracies select boneheads, and quite shameless ones at that. There will be rare exceptions; but they will be, as stated, rare.

Rick “Judas” Santorum isn't one of them.



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  1. I remember reading somewhere that “conservative politician” is a contradiction in terms. If so, then a fortiori same is true of “Catholic politician.”

    • Oh, there certainly were excellent Catholic politicians. But the more the West becomes stupid, the more it selects stupid people as their representatives.

  2. I’d rather vote for someone who is faithful to his principles/faith and acts accordingly (save islam, of course!), such as Huckabee, —whom I like and respect very much— than for someone who is quick to betray his Catholic faith at the first hint of conflict, in order to court and ingratiate himself with the world’s opinion. I am very disappointed with Rubio, Santorum (who is not running anyway), J. Bush and such “judases” in disguise. They won’t have my vote!

    God bless.

    • Santorum is thinking of running, is he not? I am sure he has a team in place to make explorations, talk to potential donors, etc. His declarations were certainly made in order to test his “broader appeal”.

      At some point he will have to say whether he wants to run. But in both cases, an increased appeal among the public would place him better to be one of the most influential members of the party.

      Cruz and Huckabee will both run. I do not think there is any space for Judases.


  3. Shooting ones balls off seems appropriate here. Chalk one more up to the Francis effect.

  4. Yes, a lot of us are certainly stupid because we were brainwashed and indoctrinated by evil media which is controlled by evil people. We should expose and directly attack them. Judas Santorum and all politicians are the shaking head zombies. They’re all chosen to be awarded all world vanity.

  5. mariachristina9

    The reality of politics in the U.S. is once a candidate dares to express any religious convictions, the media tramples them and their public support lessens. They have to appeal to the majority of the electorate which, sadly, is less and less Christian as the years go by. In my opinion, the only one who can beat The Wicked Witch of the West (Hillary) is Bush 3. Like him or not, he has the name, he is a moderate, and should he decide to run, he has the Bush political machinery behind him. Also, having a Mexican-born wife and being fluent in Spanish, will count for a lot in a country whose Hispanic population steadily increases.

    • If he is the candidate, I will wish that he loses.
      Enough with RINOs. They deserve to lose for as long as they need to rediscover proper social conservatism.

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