Canis Mortuus Est

Will the grieving mother survive the bereavement?



A reader alerted me to this, I think, sacrilegious event, and Father Z now has a blog post.

Of course, the treating of dogs in the same way as humans is not new, and it has been going on in parallel with the degeneration of Christian feeling for a while. Many of you will remember the film “A Fish Called Wanda”, the exhilarating scenes with Michael Palin (k-k-k-.. Ken!) is trying to kill the old woman, and the “dog funerals” she organises. But those were clearly Anglicans, and the mockery of their mockery of the Liturgy did not escape the attentive observer.

Some decades later, some Catholics have clearly acquired the same mentality. The woman describing herself as the “mother” of the dog (I can hear Rick Santorum here: “If she says she is the mother of the dog, then she is the mother of the dog…”) is just as appalling as the behaviour of the priest.

Christians are simply forgetting, or refusing to acknowledge, Christianity. The new religion of niceness demands that no one be denied anything, not even a dog motherhood fantasy. An implicit promise of eternal life of the “mother” together with her “son” cannot be denied in such an event, and the priest appears not at all interested in avoiding public confusion. Most of all, it seems to me, the new religion demands that the “participants” take part in the circus, because it would be unkind to “hurt” the poor grieving “mother” in her bereavement.

Methinks, these people think, in their delusion, that they are being nice and therefore Christian. Wrong. Niceness wasn't born with Christianity. They are transforming Christianity in their own version of a heathen cult. A cult made to measure to suit the fantasies of everyone.

Dogs have no immortal soul. You can't be the mother of dogs. This is not Christianity.

This episode happened in Belgium, the country at the satanical forefront of the euthanasia March.

It seems fitting that the same Country that puts humans to sleep like dogs should also treat dogs like humans.



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  1. You can be the mother of dogs if you are a bitch, but then you wouldn’t have an immortal soul either.

  2. Is it wrong to hope that nitwit priest takes it into his head to start baptizing cats? That would serve him right.

  3. Vatican 2 taught that Muslims have salvation (Nostra aetate). “Pope” Francis taught that dogs too may achieve the beatific vision. What of my 2 dear sibling felines—Scholastica and Benedict? If I pour holy water on them, will Jesus’ death be salvific for them as well

  4. Here is the answer we teachers gave children in catechism class when asked about their pet’s afterlife. Jesus did not suffer and die on the cross for your hamster, dog , cat, guinea pig, cockatoo, snake, rat, spider monkey, etc; however if heaven just wouldn’t be heaven for you without your beloved pet, Jesus will make sure it is there.
    Hopefully that answer didn’t violate any Catholic belief.

    I presided over 2 cat , 1 goldfish and 1 hamster funeral when my kids were little. Stick crosses were placed on their gravesites. Hope that wasn’t wrong!

    • I think the orthodox answer is that he could recreate it, in the same way as he could everything else. But I am not entirely sure, either.

  5. If the Pope believes no hell and our souls will be annihilated after death, the woman proclaims the dead dog was her child is nothing surprising at all. Many may think that she’s confused just like the head of the Church; but actually she never find out that the pope has never been confused, he did it with purpose to undermine Catholic Church. Confusion is devil. The pope and “the mother of dog” should belong to the New Age church.

  6. mariachristina9

    Hi Mr. M, I agree with you totally on this but I can only imagine the dog s— hitting the fan in your combox right now!

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