Fr Volpi Alive, Not Well.

The news spread yesterday of the sudden death of Father Volpi was, as they say, premature. Fr Volpi suffered a massive stroke and is now in critical conditions.

The Lord, in His mercy, has given the man ample ways to reflect on his ways before it is too late. Please join me in my prayers for his health and for the good of his soul; because we Christians pray for our enemies, and do not wish hell or invalidity to anyone. Not even to the likes of Father Volpi.




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  1. Indeed. Prayer is needed for the conversion of this man. Let us pray to St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare and to St. Padre Pio


  2. Gervase Crouchback

    I prayed that because of his treatment of THE FFI he would be summoned to appear before the Holy Righteous Judge who would judge impartially .

  3. May the Lord grant him a sincere and genuine repentance, and may Our Blessed Lady intercede for him. Three Aves and a Paternoster offered with this intention. May The Lord have mercy on us all.

  4. In May last year as Fr Volpi was trampling the FFI and also showing a distinct lack of grace,I prayed that God would summonse him to appear before His Throne-as we all will- a year and a day from my prayer. I felt that Fr Volpi was trampling upon the Name of Our Lord and that he should be called to account.
    I hope as he lies in his hospital bed that he will repent -like we all should – of his sins.I also hope and pray that the FFI ,who he persecuted ,will maintain their grace and pray for Fr Volpi’s welfare.
    I also prayed that the judge who sentenced the young Sudanese woman to death for ‘apostasy’ and she was then deported,will also be held to account.
    Let ‘s not forget Ananias and Sapphira

  5. I just pray that Fr. Volpi still has ability to think straight about hell existence and realize the soul won’t be annihilated and feel deeply sorry for blindly carrying out order to persecute and causing great damages to the FFI. May God have mercy.

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