Castroites Like Each Other

Raul Castro stated, in simple words, that if Francis continues in his ways he might go back to the Church.

Slimy old fox.

What he means is that if Francis keeps being a 100% Castroite, Raul will co-opt him in his own organisation by way of fake conversion.

The words of the man leave no doubt. It is not Catholicism that “impressed” Raoul. It's Francis. But Francis is a Castroite. Therefore, Raul Castro was impressed by Francis' implicit, but open, support of his ideology.

Also, the man does not say he might be getting the faith. His possible “conversion” would not mean that he believes in God. It would mean that he believes in Francis. He would continue to be as much of an atheist as he has always been. As a result, Raoul's assertions only mean that he has understood one thing: that Francis is one of them.

But let us now play this game and let us imagine that Raul truly converts to Catholicism. Would Francis ask him if he now believes in God, or would he be simply satisfied that his social grievances have found another admirer? All of you, I am sure, know the answer.

The Evil Clown has now another – self-interested – ticket holder for his Evil Circus. We register the news without any surprise, albeit with great scandal. Once again, the Evil Clown has chosen the side of the godless. Once again, there will be no scarcity of people ready to praise him for that.

All signs point out to the fact that Francis will die the enemy of orthodox Carholics, and the friend of the likes of Raul Castro.

What this would mean for his salvation, I will leave to your imagination.




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  1. Sure come back Raul. Right after you publicly confess your murders and persecution of the Church. Shame.

  2. He isn’t the first and he won’t be the last enemy of the Faith to praise Pope Francis’s “religion”. For example, Elton John and Al Gore . . .

  3. this might be even more insidious than it seems, accoriding to severals sources here bergoglio is trying to creat an anti-west axis with cuba, russia, venezuela, argentina and china, it is not so far fetched if one considers the way he responds to the needs of the madly anti-west atheist cristina fernandez who recently visited russia and according to many sources delivered a letter from bergoglio to putin, also nicolas maduro is visiting russia this days and it must be pointed that argentina sealed several secret deals with russia and china whose details can’t be disclosure in many years, but they involve the construction of military bases and nuclear facilities in argentine soil similar deals are being sealed with venezuela and resently bergoglio has said he wants to visit china, those who live here know that bergoglio is utterly resentful toward the west and his sympathy for castro was no secret, this man is dangerous his envy, resent and jealousy is bigger than his fear of the lord.

  4. Our Lady of Good Success pray for us. All your prophetic words have come to pass. The world lies, but you, Good Mother, do not.

  5. How Bergoglio sits there and let’s a depraved murderer like this insult his immediate predecessors is beyond me. One is still alive.

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