Synod: Cardinal Pell Is Clearly Upbeat

Impressive declaration of Cardinal Pell in Rome, on occasion of the March for Life: the Synod, says the Cardinal, will “massively endorse the Tradition” of the Church, as reported by Newsmax.

Now, it is not uncommon at all that a Cardinal would predict no attempts at changing Truth. Truth can't be changed anyway, and you would expect the vast majority of Bishops and Cardinals – open heretics excepted, as in the case of many in Germany – to say nothing else.

What impresses here is the use of the adverb “massively”. The Cardinal has been on the front line of this unbelievable controversy, and it is difficult to think he is not constantly in contact with other Bishops and Cardinals about what is going to happen in October.

Therefore, I think that only one of two is happening: either the Cardinal is the target of willed misinformation aimed at inducing the orthodox prelates to lower their guard before the Nuclear Explosion, or – far more probably – the exact contrary is actually taking place: the Bishops will not accept any surprise and will greet the Synod with a massive call for the upholding of Truth. This will make it impossible for Francis to come out with surprise initiatives, and will leave him fully exposed in any attempt to cross the line of orthodoxy.

It is, obviously, far too early to say that this battle is won; but with God's grace, there are now signals that things at least appear to be going in the right direction.

Francis isn't so stupid that he does not know even a Pope is powerless when he attempts to change doctrine. He can, of course, throw a lot of smoke bombs around and truthfully persuade the enemies of Christ that he is on their side. But the attempt to bang his head against the granite wall of the Depositum Fidei in the hope the wall gives way is a different matter altogether, and would most certainly end up with a broken skull at some point.

There is no way to avoid the nuclear confrontation if Francis is set on it. But one wonders how detached from reality a man – and be him the Pope – must be to make such decisions.

We must keep praying. We must remain cautiously optimistic in the final victory of Christ, but without being overconfident as to what will happen. The Cardinal does it very smartly, contributing to the creation of a climate in which no dissent is allowed, and every bishop is expected to stay the course. Five more months of this, and I can hear the boos and public calls of “heretic” if Kasper & Co. dare to make a move. Which, in such a scenario, they might not dare at all.

We must keep praying for a positive outcome of this bally exercise in stupidity called the Synod on the Family. And for the rapid end of the Pontificate that gave us the stupid exercise in stupidity in the first place.


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  1. What about a third possibility? Cardinal Pell is false opposition. He is a double agent that will sabotage any true opposition to the Francis agenda. He will gain the trust of those who oppose Francis and use their trust and info he gleans to betray them. I don’t trust Pell. He doesn’t believe that Adam and Eve really existed. If he is so good why did Francis select him for a leadership role? Why isn’t he being punished like Burke for his vocal and open opposition? Something doesn’t smell right.

    • The equation not persecuted = sold does not stand. The opponents of the Kasperites are so many and so powerful that Francis could never go against all of them.

      Besides, Pell was chosen by him with great fanfare to be his finance supremo. Francis can’t throw him out of the window so soon without losing credibility.


  2. card. Erdo also stated over the weekend that neither doctrine nor practice will be changed.

    Another hint that Francis will not change anything is that the heretic Maradiaga is already calling for a third Synod. Looks like the sneaky Francis/Baldiserri/Forte tag team was not so sneaky after all.

  3. This appeared on the MondayVatican website today. Gagliarducci responds to a comment. Very interesting because it would appear that the revolution at the Vatican is over. Francis lost.

    This is also the gist of the post. The post can be found here:

    Here is the response to the comment:

    “Thanks for writing. Just a quick response to your questions: the ‘team Bergoglio’ was in action, and it was composed by progressive cardinals, who had very good contacts with the old men of the Curia. The hidden Vatican is not the faction that backed Pope Francis election. When I refer to hidden Vatican, I refer to that Vatican composed by officials, employee and mostly unknown people that carries forward reforms and work and help the Vatican what it is without claiming any revolution. They help the Holy See to renovate in continuity with the tradition, they help any Pope, so that the Church is always the Church, despite the personality and the moves of any Pope. Team Bergoglio wanted a revolution, hidden Vatican want to work for a renewal within a continuity. Progressive wing pushes for a revolution, while the Hidden Vatican cannot me labeled as progressive or conservative, they just want to assist the Church in its path to history. Hope it helps.”

    So much for the revolution. But we still have to “trust but verify”.

  4. Aren’t we forgetting the other option? And I think this is the one that will take place: no doctrine will be changed, but the wording will be ambivalent and local bishops conferences will grab more power over what happens on the ground. What will the German Bishops do now that they have stated publicly that they will go their own way no matter what? Poor Francis will talk out of both sides of his apostate mouth and everyone will leave happy.

    Let’s not be lulled into a false sense of security. Remember what happened last time? Do you think ANY of the world’s bishops (except the apostate ones) dreamed anything like what happened could happen?

    • As long as the teaching stays, there will be no way to hide u dear one’s finger if one disobeys. If the bishops in Germany and elsewhere lead their sheep astray, let them go astray. Neither the shepherds nor the sheep will be able to say they did not know what the Church teaches.

      This goes also for ambivalence, and the like.


  5. Maybe he’ll see the handwriting on the wall and cancel the whole thing and go deep sea fishing with his new chum, Raul.

  6. Larry Rutherford

    I have written letters to several of the cardinals and archbishops in the US and to Cardinal Burke and Cardinal Müller listing what I believe will be the negative repercussions for the family and the Church if Cardinal Kaspar’s proposals are accepted. I recommend all faithful Catholics to do the same.

  7. Nice article but I would add that we can’t just win a battle to win the war. Until our Generals decide to take on the enemy head on, Catholics continue to be confused. When they see the bishops of Germany say that they disagree with church teaching, it makes everyone think they can disagree with Church teaching. Kind of like what has been going on since Vatican II when it seemed like the Church was changing everything at the will of the priest or bishop and nobody agrees on anything.

    • Ah, for that we will need a new Conclave. Hopefully soon.

      One notices the German Cardinals were noticeably less open in their heresy during Benedict’s pontificate, and Benedict most certainly wasn’t a lion.

  8. There is another scenario. Pell knows that behind the scenes many bishops are weak and will follow Francis and the sodomite/heretics. So he is trying to bluff against his opponents to make them waver before the fight. I too smell a rat if PF placed him in his special council and he’s had no consequences for fighting him yet. He might be a plant. I guess we won’t know until Judgement Day when all things are revealed:+) I’m just glad to hear these words coming from a bishop. God bless~

    • Might be, but in this case the Kasperites would know that they are strong too, so the bluff wouldn’t work.

      I notice here the Germans are pretty nervous themselves.


  9. I always have absolute doubt and can’t trust him any more. Heavy damages have been done. Whatever he is trying to fool us is all fakes and illusions, folks. I’m not going to be a foolish brave. Keep praying that God will put him away.

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