Ed And Francis

After their brutal defeat, the British Labour Party are now in search of a new leader, a new direction and, hopefully, some sense.

Listening to TV and radio programmes here and there one gets one thing: many supporters of the Party just do not get, do not want to accept that Labour is doomed whenever they go down the Socialist way. The decision to elect Ed Milliband as leader was a clear bet against England’ future, as such a party would never have a chance if the economy would recover. But then again, Labour activists were not the kind of people who thought the economy would ever recover. To them, Capitalism – even the very mild British version – was not only evil, but broken beyond repair. To them, Chavez – or a slightly milder version of him – was the way.

The economy recovered. Many British voters understood that this is not the time to put their destiny in the hands of English and Scottish social loonies. Labour lost bad.

Now let us examine Pope Francis near Ed Milliband. The mindset is exactly the same: social envy as a way of life and statism as the cure for every real or imaginary disease. Not only both have their eyes firmly fixed on earthly problems, but both see in Capitalism the origin of them.

Milliband is an Atheist Jew. Now ask yourself: if Francis were to be Jew and Atheist himself, would you notice any difference in the way he thinks and speaks? I wouldn’t. He would be the very Milliband, without the abuse of Catholicism to push his socialist agenda. Which lets me wonder: how can a man believe in God and be so obsessed with a Socialist agenda? Is it not far more reasonable to assume that Francis is a Christian Atheist, and a Socialist, in the same way as Milliband is a Jewish Atheist, and a Socialist?

Ed Milliband is now gone, but Francis is still there. When you get a Socialist at the head of the Church there is no General Election to care for his removal, and Francis cannot be removed as easily as Ed Milliband.

But he is not one bit less Socialist – and very probably, less Atheist – than the other one.



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  1. The degradation of the Church proceeds apace. The moral squalor which Francis embraces is breathtaking. There’s something so eerily amiss knowing Benedict is in relative proximity to Francis and is observing this absolute smashing of the papacy into something heretofore unknown. It’s all so Kafkaesque.

  2. Francis can be removed alright, just not by election. I trust Our Lord to remove him at the perfect time although my flesh warns me that it might be longer than it would like:+) God bless you Mundy:+)

  3. Only way to remove Francis is that all the Catholic faithfuls: Cardinals, bishops, priests and lay people act as fast as possible by getting together denouncing him as heretic and distrusting him as a pope otherwise he’s impenitent. Have you ever heard he said word “penance”.?

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