Cows, Pigs And Goats, Unite!

A group of loonies belonging to that loony factory called Berkeley University has staged a demonstration against the exploitation of cows. If you do not believe me, try here.

This is comedy gold. Absolutely hilarious.

I do not know what statement is the looniest, the stealing of the milk, or the “forcefully impregnate a cow” or the “mother” or “separate her from her baby” statement, or any of the others. Pigs are given funerals, because they are so smart. Goats … oh, well…

I wonder how many of the protesters are against abortion. My bet is “zero”.

Modern secular society demands that cattle are treated like humans, and humans like cattle.

This is what liberalism and drugs do to people. Show this to your children as a cautionary tale.




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  1. ladyofquality

    Oh dear. My husband and father are apparently serial cow rapists. Who knew? 😉

  2. When I first moved to the UK, there was a movement that tried to stop the export of live calves to France since they claimed that the French veal industry was using cruel slaughter methods. They wanted the calves butchered in the UK. There were even loonies who threw themselves in front of lorries driving up to the docks. One of them might have even got killed in the process.

    After a while this movement petered out, and then it mutated against fox hunting. One of the funniest anecdotes that I ever heard was during one of these hunt protest, some of these loon’s seen a black gentleman on a horse. So one of the bright ones asked the black guy if he didn’t feel ashamed riding after a fox when a couple hundred years earlier, the hunters would have been chasing his ancestors. Supposedly the black guy retorted that he feels in no way ashamed of chasing foxes since a couple of hundred years earlier his ancestors would have been eating the ancestors of the protesters, something for which he would also not be ashamed.

    Drugs or socialism? Still haven’t figured out which one is worse for the brain.

  3. Hey Mundy:+) No surprise with the loons at Berkley. On another note, I saw this article and thought “Mundy would LOVE this”. It’s soooo devoid of political correctness and a bit crude.

    Please pray for my two nephews who are subjected to my sodomite sister and her ptaw (person they act out with, sounds like ‘pee-taw’, we use it in the support group I belong to instead of the whitewashed/hijacked words like ‘couple’ or ‘partner’). My innocent nephews have probably witnessed such violence:+(

    God bless~

  4. Where the True Faith doth abate
    Countless wild creeds ennumerate.

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