Young Tsarnaev And The Others

As a (hopefully) good Catholic, I follow Church teaching on what the Church calls capital punishment, and pretty much the rest of the world calls death penalty.

It seems the twelve jurors at the trial of the Boston Marathon Bombers agree with me at least in extreme cases, because they have condemned young Tsarnaev to the death penalty through lethal injection. Now, let us add some cynical reflection to the news, because cynical reflections are exactly what you have grown to expect from this little effort.

1. Young Tsarnaev will, very possibly, never be executed. Far more probably, he will remain on death row for an indefinite, but very long number of years as a very long, very costly appeal and, in case, post-trial legal confrontation takes its course. It is nothing less than astonishing that there should be Countries where the decision about the execution of a sentence goes on for many times what it took to reach that sentence in the first place. It goes to show the immense stupidity of the modern, hypersensitive, so-called “human-rights” infested legal systems. If you asked me, Mr Tsarnaev would now be entitled to an appeal, to be conducted swiftly and accurately. If the sentence is confirmed, the only rights Mr Tsarnaev would then have would be limited to a priest (Catholic, of course; which is the only type anyway), a good last meal and a cigarette before facing the gallows at dawn the following day. But hey, it's just me.

2. The bleeding hearts in Massachusetts and elsewhere will soon find a new hero. Tales of the poor “child” misled by his evil brother will start circulating. Oh, the cruelty of the West! But the child didn't mean to harm! He only wanted to play! He is such a nice guy!

A country that allows a young girl to kill her baby in the womb discusses whether a grown man really wanted to make a massacre. Idiots.

3. Francis The Evil Clown will very probably jump on the bandwagon, as this would give him another wonderful opportunity to undermine Catholic teaching and confuse Catholics the world over, whilst making himself oh so beautiful in the eyes of the liberal crowds.

4. Whilst I approve of the sentence, it seems clear to me it only came about because of the big media impact and the resulting huge pressure on the jurors. The fact that twelve out of twelve jurors had to agree to the death penalty goes to show how high the hurdle was. If Young Tsarnaev had been Black, and had killed three White policemen, I wonder if the outcome would have been the same.

5. One is disappointed – as so often – at the softness of these supposed Jihad warriors. Young Tsarnaev should have welcomed his martyrdom, no doubt savouring the seventy-two girls with recyclable hymen he thinks are awaiting him.

Oh ye bastards of little infidel faith! It is always like that, you know: these Arabs always threat with the explosion of the entire Arab world, and three weeks later they are there taking down monuments, swearing peaceful intent and throwing shoes at their heroes of yesterday; as seen in 1990 in Kuwait, 2001 in Afghanistan and 2003 in Iraq.

Islam is a paper tiger. The West is so superior to them in absolutely everything, that they could be forced to silent submission in no time; they would even embrace the punishment, because Muslims reacts extremely well to violence from their masters (as seen in Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, everywhere). Unfortunately, the West is dominated by a Country run by a cultural Muslim, limp-wristed, liberal atheist moron, so we are making no use at all of our staggering superiority.

Still: Mr Tsarnaev is going to get old in jail. Catholic teaching on Capital punishment is still very far from being implemented.



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  1. Tim McVeigh was executed in only four years, but he was White and right-wing.

  2. sixlittlerabbits

    In the early years of the twentieth century in the US, capital punishment was swift, and appeals if made did not drag on forever. Unfortunately, now it’s all as you write, Mundabor. According to TV news reports, 3 jurors had tears in their eyes when the verdict was announced. So what? What the sentenced Muslim did was cause for tears.

    Sister Helen Prejean– the “heroine” portrayed by despicable actress Susan Sarandon in the movie “Dead Man Walking”– testified at the trial that she had spoken to the defendant and he was repentant. I guess she didn’t see the security camera clip where he climbs up to look straight at the camera and give the middle-finger sign for “F..k you.”

  3. In his haste to escape he first killed his brother by running over him and then tried to blame the whole thing on his late beloved brother to get himself off. Definitely a candidate for the Moslem of the year award.

  4. Dear Mundabor, you gave too much of a certain bad kind of information in this entry. Please remember that children might be reading this blog. Thank you. RIck Azevedo

  5. It seem that the testimony of “sister” Helen Prejean against capital punishment had no effect on the Jury. (by the way in this picture she looks more masculine than Bruce Jenner!)

    Sister Helen Prejean Called to Tsarnaev’s Defense

    A very faithful nun indeed, she even “officiated” at Susan Sarandon’s daughter wedding:,,20540957,00.html

  6. I grew up Baptist with a firm belief in capital punishment. After I became a Novus Ordo Catholic, I tried to adopt the anti-capital punishment belief by watching Dead Man Walking. By the end of the movie I was ready to draw up the syringe and inject Sean Penn myself. I seriously thought I was spiritually flawed for not feeling more sympathetic.

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s murdered in jail. He killed a little boy on purpose. More than a few inmates will not be down with that.

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