Face It: Francis Sides With The Sodomites.

The Evil Clown has now promoted the notorious Tymothy Radcliffe to Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

It seems justice and peace are always the first preoccupation of perverts. Methinks, they need to feel “good” because they know very well how rotten they are.

This is a Papal appointment. It comes from the man himself. Radcliffe is too well-known, and far too outspoken in favour of sodomy, for anyone entertaining the silly idea that Francis might appoint him to such a position without fully knowing that in so doing he will promote the agenda of the sodomites.

It angers one enough that Francis should be so openly, how should I put it, gay. What angers one even more are those Catholics who keep writing nonsense like “I want to think he was not informed”. I do not doubt the very same people, on knowing Francis has been surprised in the midst of a sodomitical act, would comment “I want to think he did not know that was a man's backside”.

Open your big, blue eyes and realise that Francis is the enemy of Christ, the enemy of the Church, and your own personal enemy. He hates the Church and all it represents. He will wreak as much havoc as he can without risking being kicked out, or having his pontificate sink in a sea of accusations of heresy.

He hates us. He hates all of us. He hates all that we are.

He is on the side of the sodomites, the communists, the environ-mentalists. If you are an enemy of the West, Francis is your friend. If you hate Christian morality, Francis will do whatever he can to help you. It can be that Francis is not homosexual – something I personally find more and more difficult to believe -, but if this is the case, it goes to simply prove the point that he supports sodomites exactly because the Church condemns it.

Acts speak. Appointments count. It is utterly senseless to think these appointments have no meaning and no relevance. Even if Radcliffe were never to act once in his new position, not even ever to utter another word in public, his appointment to the Pontifical Council would still validate his perverted opinions – and, I bet my pint, mind and life – and further sabotage Catholicism.

Please do not say with this appointment Francis “confuses the Catholics”. He is not confusing in the least. He is very, very clear! Francis is at war with the Church, and his campaign will only stop where he fears destruction for himself or for his pontificate.

It pains me to say so, but at this point I think he got his calculations pretty right. Those who still did not get it after more than two years will probably – short of extreme acts like the proclamation of a false dogma, or the like – never get it. Francis will, therefore, continue to sabotage Catholicism through appointments, off-the-cuff speeches and any other way reasonably at his disposal, knowing that provided he avoids the very worst there will never be shortage of nincompoops ready to swallow all the excrements he dishes to them, and say they want to believe the Holy Father thinks it's chocolate.

They can eat Francis' excrements all they want. They will, one day, have to explain why they did so, and why they swallowed all of it so eagerly with nothing more than the most polite reservations.

We must call a spade a spade.

And I tell you: Francis is on the side of the Sodomites, and He wants to pervert your mind just as he has perverted his own.




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  1. How right you are Mund! I too, am angry at the willful dumb ass Catholics who refuse to see this appointment for what it is, a wink and a nod at sodomy. If you want to see this dumb ass factor gone hog wild, go to this site and see this idiot in the comboxes in action. http://www.creativeminorityreport.com/2015/05/the-crisis-i-am-imagining.html

  2. Thank you…possibly your best post ever!

  3. I find it perplexing that this pontiff has such dreadful problems with communication. Earlier Popes wrote beatifully intelligible encyclicals that the common person could read them, understand them, and glean the purpose for which they were written, with no ambiguity. Then along came JPII who seemed to write much and say little. Pope Benedict, had much good to say, but took forever to say it =D. Now we have this Pope who seems unable to say anything clearly, write anything that doesn’t leave you wondering what you just read, and cannot even do a spoken interview without being misunderstood.

  4. This does not surprise us (argentine catholics) at all! we know him very well, can’t wait till the rest of the world knows who this dirty old man is and all the skeletons he hides in the closet.

    • Manuel, I would be very interested in the sources for your comment. I can speak and read Spanish without an interpreter. I’m also on Twitter (@joedhipp), so please send me a message with your e-mail. Many thanks in advance.

  5. “We must call a spade a spade.”
    No. We must call him “a person of color.”

  6. mariachristina9

    A Godly pope would have fired such a priest years ago, but when Pope Francis is considering appointments, it seems that sodomy is a resume enhancement. Yes, I do feel that he dislikes us and tries to think of new ways to torment “those rigid rosary counters”. But worse than that, he is hurting Our Lord everytime he causes scandal. What I don’t understand is why no Cardinals nor Bishops have tried to organize a resistance to him. I pray that some will find the courage to do it, and the opposition grows with the ultimate goal being the Pope’s resignation. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

  7. The perversion started 50 years ago with VII and the changes to Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, continues with the false ecumenism that proclaims all get to heaven and finds its finality in the words and actions of the present Pontiff. You don’t mess with a core Truth of the Catholic Faith – the Mass – and expect fields of roses to be its result…the roses will bloom, but will shortly be just dead twigs and thorns. Why? The fertile ground of the True Sacrifice has been laid barren by too much man-made fertilizer trying to make it palatable and pleasing to the world at large, when it was meant for only those willing to follow the path its Creator trod.

    It is path the modern Church has been unwilling to walk for most of my adult life.

  8. The one consolation I have is that he will spin out eternity in paroxysms of agony, consumed by Hellfire forever. He is an evil, wicked, dangerous man, and I hope he is a) humiliated publicly as a pederast and experiences the wrath of his erstwhile friends b) dies a painful, lingering death and c) burns in Hell….very very soon. Am I uncharitable? Chawit, chawity, chawity!

    • This is very wrong; very, very wrong.

      We pray for our enemies, no matter what bastards they are.

      Francis’ soul has infinite value. It will exist when St.Peter’s basilica is ashes.

      We wish him salvation. But we know unless he repents this is not in the cards.


  9. Even some at ETWN see the appointment of Timothy “bend over” Radcliffe as perplexing and wrong, and cannot justify the actions of the “Holy Pontiff” anymore. Kind of an inflection point of sorts.

  10. Don’t be so naive that Pope Francis has communication problem. He’s very cunning. He knew for sure that God give us one divine power that angels have not – power of creating human being. Lucifer is very jealous commanding all his cohorts and agents doing any which way they can to take that power away from us by luring us to homosexual sex – sodomizing. Now it is so clear that Francis is truly agent from hell. He will turn Rome to Sodom! Remember when you become gay you insult God by throwing back the gift at His face. Gog have mercy on us.

    • I do not believe in the communication problem, either…

    • Clearly I did not put enough sarcasm into my typing as I should have done =} The clarity and ease of reading of pre conciliar Popes is magnified by the post conciliar popes. The further away, the more “progressive” we get in the church the more unintelligible, more obfuscated the writing and directives have become. Is it the hand of the Holy Ghost drawing our attention to the glaring problems? Is it the evil intent of the creatures currently residing in the Vatican? What makes it so bad? Is it the ignorance of the post conciliar catholic sitting in the pew?

      To these post conciliar catholics, EVERY word this man spews is taken as ” guided by the Holy Ghost”, BECAUSE the Holy Ghost was responsible for his election. When you try to talk about free will, or that the Holy Ghost may have been ignored by the modernists to be sure their pawn was elected, these folks deny that. They will tell you that the Holy Spirit elects the Pope and that Francis was sent by the Holy Spirit and that ALL Popes are sent by the Holy Spirit. When you ask them then why would He send Benedict IX, Sergius III, John XII, some stare blankly at you, some will tell you that those stories are all lies, many walk away in anger.

      No I cut this wicked usurper no slack. He may be the elected Pope, but he is not my pope. I will obviously acknowledge his election but wait patiently and pray for a GOD given Pope, sent by the Holy Ghost, elected by good and holy Cardinals, to lead us from the desert of modernism we wallow in at present.

  11. “Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace”, how ironic. There can be no justice or peace in mortal sin. This devil, no, this anti-christ promotes injustice, war and death. This Pope Frank knows very well.

  12. “He will turn Rome to Sodom!”

    With all due respect, Rome (as opposed to the Catholic Church as a whole) was “Sodom” for at least a millennium before Francis arrived on the scene. Consider St. Peter Damian and “Liber Gommorahianus,” which was published in the 11th Century!

  13. Mundabor, the fact that even modern Popes (such as JPII) ignored or diminished clerical sex-abuse reinforces my point. Such abuse occurs in all religions and, indeed, in non-religious settings — even in the “best” of families. But when the Church declares itself to be the “One True Church” that preaches “the fullness of the Gospel” and allows this kind of behavior to continue, it earns special anger from a holy, righteous God.

    • I honestly do not think this is punishment for the pedophile priest scandal, which I think has been blown beyond measure and reason.

      I rather think that the first sin was V Ii and the “inclusive” thinking.

      That opened the way to homosexual (actually: sodomitical) priests, to bad priests in general, to loss of faith, to the “pedophile” (largely: homosexual) priest scandal and to the progressive suicide of the Irish (and Western) Church, as a faithless clergy tried to react by being social, and oh so stupid.


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