Perverts Are Very Rare

Think back when you were at (high) school. Hormones were everywhere, girls blossomed like a rose garden in May, boys could only look at breasts' height. I can't imagine it was easy for everyone to – as they say – “hide” his sexual – as they say – “orientation”.

How many were the fags? How many were the dykes? I can answer for my environment: one and one, perhaps one and a half in the second case. Over several hundred of school and neighbourhood friends, acquaintances, and people known through other people.

The moral of the story? Sexual perversion is very rare. It is certainly very, very rare in the sane social environment I grew in (men were men; women were women; families had two parents of opposite sex; perverts were universally despised and met with unanimous disgust), which encouraged boys to be boys and girls to be girls; but it is also certainly rare in the more effeminate, dysfunctional context of modern Anglo-Saxon societies, where a male guide is often missing and women have too often never been told they are supposed to be sweet and feminine, which qualities actually attracts men.

The gay Mafia will, obviously, for you to believe otherwise. If sexual perversion is to be seen as normal, logic demands that it be seen as frequent. Hence, all those completely unreal figures you read around: two, three, four, even six percent!

Give me a break. Six percent means every class of thirty would have around two, two classes of twenty-five would be expected to have three. Really? Is this the reality you grew in? What was that, Sodom High?

No. This is all a huge fraud. Sexual perversion is very, very rare. If sexual perverts are so frequent, how is it that no one ever noticed these last many thousands of years? “Oh, but they were in the closet!” They will say. Poppycock again. You can't say being a fag or a dyke is what makes one person's real nature, but this nature can be hidden for a lifetime. It just doesn't make sense, unless we want to believe every closeted fag is born a wonderful actor. I couldn't fake being a woman for one second (I am sure even those who hate and despise me will have to admit that), so it's not clear to me how a massive, lifelong deception would have been possible in the same way.

No, the answer is very simple: the numbers of perverts is always very low, but it can be somewhat higher when Sodom is around one, just because there will be more people targeted for perversion, and more people without a clear role to follow. The poor boy who grew up in a single mother household might never know what it is to naturally learn to grow up and become a man, naturally following the example of the men in his environment. He will be a prime target for perverts. Whilst this does not make of him a pervert, it makes him more vulnerable if a bad tendency could develop in the meantime.

Still, we are talking very, very low numbers.

Have a walk in Central London on a typical Saturday afternoon. Count the people who are certainly perverts. Then add all the people who just look like they might be, and are more probably just metrosexual losers (you know the type: the faggoty trousers, the faggoty shirt, the general unmanly demeanour). Then compare all of them to all the perfectly normal, straight people you have crossed on the pavement that day. You will discover that even the number of clear + possible pervert is extremely slow in comparison to the general population, and I mean really low, clear-fraction-of-one-percent low. And I have included all the metrosexual losers, so please do not come to me with the “but you can't recognised them” argument.

No. Biased “statistics” clear do not match reality.

Reality speaks another language, and it tells you that perverts are very rare.


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  1. I grew up in a town in Tirol , very catholic town and I can’t remember any “gay” man or lesbian girl among my schoolmates, in fact almos all of us got married by the time we finished high school , of course that was in the early 70’s when things here in Austria were considerably saner than now.

  2. hristoroquen

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  3. I agree that the true early on sodomites are rare. I think what we see now are people who have failed at life seeking comfort in the emotionalism (lesbians). My sister now considers herself “gay” and is “married” with two kids via artificial insemination. I shared a room with her for 20 years and it never crossed my mind that she was a pervert. She LOVED boys. Chased them. She was a jock, insecure majorly but very popular. She says that she struggled with temptations since being a teen. I see it as just an escape from not measuring up to the expected standards of a hedonistic, shallow society. If she knew her value as a Catholic, she would embrace the feminine and shine:+) She’s not the prettiest thing on the block, but she has big blue eyes, a 1000 watt smile and a great personality. If she loved herself b/c of Our Lord, she wouldn’t have believed the lie that she wasn’t good enough and thus escape into perversion that would make her feel good short term. I grew up with a current pervert, but she wasn’t obvious at all. Maybe there is another category to add?

    God bless~

    • The sad reality is that people do get perverted. No one is “born that way”. People become that way. Obviously, in the same way as they have allowed themselves to be perverted, they can see reason again.

  4. It appears as if many queer types may have moved to Brighton and Hove. Try walking around there on a sunny afternoon. It is not a place to take children for a daytrip. One has great sympathy for Father Blake and his parishioners..

  5. Mundabor,
    if six percent seems too high to you, it seems far too low to Americans, as Gallup has found. Many Americans think at least one in four people are homosexual. Among young Americans the average guess is *thirty* percent. (Even higher numbers are obtained for young women, who are even more amenable to propaganda than young men – compare voting patterns by sex for the two German parliamentary elections of 1932, especially regarding the NSDAP.)

    Here we see propagandistically induced lunacy at its finest. Actual methodologically sound scientific surveys tend to place the number at about two percent at most, which seems realistic to me, given the kind of society we have today. It would mean that one in fifty people are homosexual. The number you see in everyday life would be somewhat lower, given that they tend to cluster in certain areas of a city. Also, while many homosexuals can be identified just by looking at them, not all are as easy to spot. In a traditional society that number would be much lower, of course, probably far below one percent, and you would see no open homosexuality at all. In the future, the number will grow, given that up to *forty* percent of adoptive children of homosexual “parents” have homosexual relations themselves, and the incidence of homosexuality is much higher among broken families than traditional families with father and mother. In a generation or two, I would not be surprised at all at seeing six percent homosexuals – or even more.

    You get higher numbers when you ask whether a person has ever had sexual relations with another person of the same sex – regrettably something quite a few otherwise normal people try out in their youth just to have had the experience, similar to how many people have taken drugs in their lives, but very few are actual addicts. In the media these two totally different types of questions are often conflated to make the number of homosexuals appear bigger.

    Although statistics are often biased, more often than not the problem is not the statistical research itself, but the way it is presented by leftist agitators in the media or interpreted by agenda-driven social scientists.

    • I generally agree, but to me a man who has slept with another man is a faggot. Normal men feel such a disgust even at the idea that they would not contemplate the idea of sleeping with a man more than they would their mother.


    • Mundabor,
      “to me a man who has slept with another man is a faggot”
      I am not denying that. But is there not still a difference between a foolish young man deluded by propaganda and lack of masculine role models into “trying out” said disgusting act, and a hardened homosexual who would identify as such in a survey.

      But if such a difference is not admitted – if anyone who ever had homosexual relations is to be counted statistically as a homosexual, then we will have to admit to an incidence much higher than one or two percent. In that case the six percent touted by activists in the media is actually more accurate.

    • I agree. Not every faggot is, so to speak, a professional faggot.

      Also, a person who was perverted once might well escape and grow out of his perversion. Similarly, a person raised in the wrong environment and with perverted tendencies in his teenage year can still grow up to be a perfectly heterosexual man.

      my point was that in this case the “hurdle” is so high (= the disgust is so strong) that no one who commit an act of sodomy can be considered “normal”. This is also an argument used by the gay lobby, trying to persuade us that, given circumstances or “curiosity”, everyone could be a fag.


  6. You usually speak from expert knowledge, but I doubt you claim to be an authority on faggotry, and thus it’s fair to contradict you. As a matter of objective fact, most faggots look manly and undistinguishable from straight men. “But you can’t have recognised them” applies.

    It is not clear how to measure the rate of sexual perversion, given this.

    • Not a very smart observation, I think.
      Firstly, it’s like saying one cannot know how many murderers are around, because they don;t go around with “murderer” written on their heads.
      Secondly, the idea that a fag may go through life without revealing he is a fag (and, in this day and age, saying it openly) is beyond absurd.

  7. Mundabor,
    ah, now I understand. That is why I said “otherwise normal”, and not simply “normal”.

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