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Rorate Caeli has an interesting compilation of sayings of Dominicans of all ages.

You might notice, how should I say it, a certain discrepancy between the traditional lines of Dominican preaching and a more, erm, progressive attitude present in the modern days.

Like the Church in France (I have written about it today) the Dominicans are apparently marching toward extinction; and like the Church in France, they appear to have a nucleus of duri e puri intentioned to do things properly and ensuring the survival of their organisation.

By the grace of God, Radcliffe is not the Master anymore. Still, he appears to be in good standing, continuing to give scandal wherever he goes.

I think it is important the Dominicans free themselves from the cancer represented by Radcliffe and those like him. If you want your renewal to be credible, you must show it by enforcing inside that…

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  1. “Like the Church in France (I have written about it today) the Dominicans are apparently marching toward extinction…”

    The history of the last three generations has been deeply problematic, no question. So much of the damage done at the Council and its immediate aftermath was done by Dominicans.

    But there are some signs of life, here and there. I would single out in particular the Eastern and Western (but NOT the Central and Southern) Provinces in the United States, and the Polish Province, as places where orthodoxy and vocational vibrancy is on the long march back. Even In England, there are signs of life (and also plenty of rot). Here in Washington, the number of Dominican Rite Masses is on the rise, the House of Studies is literally running out of room in which to put postulants, and bids to continue to do so as the last of the old warhorses leave the scene.

    I think the Dominicans can be salvaged, and will come back into their own. But some provinces will have to rebuilt from scratch.

    • It does one good to read of any good news.

      What would you say to anyone who would ask you whether, by any chance, many of these new postulants might be homos themselves? If the seminary is strongly conservative, one can be reassured. If it isn’t, I fear the numbers could be no good news at all…


  2. Well, bad news, sorry:

    “Good times for dissident Dominicans: Über-liberal Timothy Radcliffe appointed by Pope Francis as Consultor to the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace”, no more, no less. Pancho strikes again.

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