Enda Kenny Reaches A New Low

I already knew Enda Kenny makes it in the 0.1% of the most despicable men on earth. But even so, it is surprising to see a man reach such a low.

Where has the man lived all the time? Has he (ill) spent an entire life in politics thinking marriage was “inequal”, the entire Country was “inequal”, the irish were “not inclusive”, “sad”, and all the rest?

How can he admit that all his years in politics – until the day before yesterday – he was not “compassionate”, and still demand that he be seen as a worthy representative of the people? How can he not realise he insults the 40% of Irish who have voted against this abomination, and brand them – as their prime minister – as deprived of very basic human trait, as cruel and discriminating?


Does this man not say that he is a Catholic? Does he have no shame at all?

Most politicians are prostitutes; particularly in these times, when strong ideologies die and the satisfaction of the day is all that counts. But even with the extremely low standard now reigning among politicians one would expect a shred of decency from those politicians with an institutional role, and who are called to represent their entire Country.

The Irish certainly deserve Enda  Kenny. Which is the worst insult one can throw at them.


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  1. Heh! A commenter on Facebook remarked that Ireland was now Sodom and Begorrah. That would make a great title for a blog post. 🙂

  2. It seems that, in both the spiritual and temporal realm, Perfidious Eire has been given the governors and shepherds they deserve.

    As Steve Skojec recently quipped, If I were Irish, I might be watching the sea levels a wee bit more closely.



    • I personally am not a great fan of prophecies. I am sure you can find them for every taste, liberally applied to the situation at hand even if there is no real reason why it should be so.

      Personally, I think the real “flood” will be in the huge number of souls that will be lost after an apparently normal, fully flood-free life.

      We think that punishment must manifest with great events. It can, but it does not have to. The logic at work is far more inexorable.



  3. He’s not a Catholic, he’s a muppet. I feel absolutely sick after yesterday’s result. The irony that most of the paedophile priests implicated in the various abuse scandal were themselves homosexuals seems to be lost on the Irish populace.


  4. I like the bit on the left of that now dormant blog “Protect the Pope” which gives a clock timed as the time which has passed since Enda Kenny should have been excommunicated. At the moment it is showing 1 year 9 months and 3 and a half weeks since this should have happened.

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