Is Bishop Martin Really So Stupid?


After the very predictable results in Ireland, the first culprits of the mess that has been created go to the press (they love doing this, clearly) and give a show of incompetence that I cannot believe can be the result of stupidity (and a great amount of that would be necessary, anyway), but rather of an evil desire to avoid at all costs having to do their job and to betray Christ every day of their miserable life; provided, that is, that they get a comfortable existence before a judgment in which they very probably have stopped believing a long time ago.

For example, one reads the words of Bishop Martin and wonders why the man was ever considered fit for anything but work on a potato field; an infinitely worthier activity, by the way, than being Bishop Martin.

The words of the man are sheer unbelievable. Reality doesn’t live in the mind of this man; or, rather, not a shred of fear of the Lord.

Following, the bishop’s words accompanied by yours truly’s certainly very obvious observations.

“The Church has to find a new language which will be understood and heard by people,”

No. The Church has to speak the language of the Church. That language has always been understood well enough. It is the wishy-washy, “let us not offend anyone”, “why can’t we be all friends”, “we are so embarrassed by the pedophile scandal so we will shut up and hope we are forgiven”-language that leads nowhere, because the people understand that they have to do with a bunch a good-for-nothing eunuchs in black (when they dress in black).

The first generation will despise them and still believe. The second, who has not been properly taught the faith, will despise them and not believe. And the in the first part, they are most certainly right.

 “We have to see how is it that the Church’s teaching on marriage and family is not being received even within its own flock.”

It’s because you never explained and defended it. It’s because you never told people what happens if they refuse to follow it. It’s because you never had the guts to tell things as they are. It’s because you tried to keep the very unpleasant but absolutely indispensable bits out of the recipe, and now wonder why the cake is a failure the flock does not understand, and does not want to eat.

“There’s a growing gap between Irish young people and the Church and there’s a growing gap between the culture of Ireland that’s developing and the Church.”

The man is such an ass that he does not understand (or pretends not to; which makes him evil; which is worse) that his words are his own indictment. It is exactly his job to care that there is no gap. It is exactly his job to tell his flock what happens when there is one. It his job. He is there just for that. If he is so thick that he does not get it, he should steer the next potato field.   

And look at the language, even here! The bishop clearly hints (but does not say) that in all this the problem is not Ireland which develops, but the Church which doesn’t.  The man can’t avoid bending over backwards to please the heathens, not even on this day! God forbid, he sends a Catholic message!

Obviously, abortion is now the next target.

How could it not be? With such idiots at the helm, what hopes there are?

Bishop Martin will have a quiet life all right. A life of privilege and authority, albeit swindling. A life of comfort, far away from the potato fields of his infinitely worthier ancestors. But when he dies, I doubt he will consider it a good investment.

I know (because, by the grace of God my faith is strong enough), I have no doubt that the Angels look down on Bishop Martin and on the army of professional Grima Wormtongues like him and ask the Lord to exact a terrible vengeance for their betrayal of Christ and His Church.

A betrayal so obvious, so blatant, so shameless, that it has now become a matter of normality, as a bishop looks at his fully de-christianised flock after he has looked at them going away from religion every step of the way and says somethign between “there must be some slight communication problem here” and “we should modernise or thinking already”.

I know the angels look down on him, and ask for vengeance. Wretched sinner as I am, I would dread to face death today with the same chances this man will have if he dies today, unrepentant. Many will end up like him. The very probably gravest crisis in the history of the Church is the result of the possibly gravest betrayal from Her shepherds.

They are a bunch of fools if they think they are going to escape the direst punishment, because they were “nice” and gave interviews about a “new language”.


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  1. “A betrayal so obvious, so blatant, so shameless, that it has now become a matter of normality… ”

    Indeed, and a normality most pernicious for the faithful Remnant. Every day the hits just keep on coming, and what concerns me is that my conscience is no longer shocked at these betrayals but rather is battered into a stupor of sorts. I pray that this very battering and resultant stupefaction be united to the Mystical Bride’s in her passion.

  2. This is the very same Bishop who condemned the Maria Divine Mercy prophecies. Just for the record.

    • Stephen, I noted that and found it ironic as well, especially in light of the fact that messages given to MDM predicted all of this almost to the letter more than two years ago. Is it any wonder that he would condemn these messages? Come Lord Jesus

  3. No, he is not a donkey, he is only TAMAHICH (The ALMOST Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History). Read this:

  4. Archbishop Martin is a longtime enemy of the Faith and morals. His tenure in Dublin is a litany of cooperating and colluding with evil. The apostasy started at the top in Ireland. The Catholics learned to hate the Faith from the bishops and priests.

  5. Thank you for your wonderful posts. The Irish result depressed me immensely although I should not have been as surprised as I was. Your Big Drip was so on the money and reassuring. God IS winning and will always win. It is we who are so weak and feeble. God’s grace is required for us to be strong and to withstand the wickedness and sinful pressures. May God have mercy on us all. God bless you Mundabor – and thanks for the clarity and strength you show.

  6. Well, since he won’t speak in Latin, and he can’t say anything in English, may I nominate smoke signaling as the the donkey’s “new language.”

    At worst, he would only be slightly less helpful than he was before, and who know if he may accidentally defend the faith through the misinterpreted signals gleaned from his burning the morning toast. 😉

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