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How Western Christianity Will Die

Christianity is deeply imprinted In Western culture. This means that its demise as a mass religion, or as the defining cultural identity – a demise now clear in many Western Countries – will not happen through an official renounciation, but through a profound perversion made in the name of the very values that are being perverted.

We are now informed that the Anglicans are thinking of a new “protobaptism” of sort to welcome a pervert who has made a monster of himself – or herself; whatever he or she was born – into their sect.

The very fact that such an abomination is even contemplated tells you how far away from basic Christianity these people have gone. There is nothing of Christianity remaining in such a thinking. This is a new “religion of acceptance” that demands its own rituals and ceremonies as it claims to still be the Christian religion. They do not even see – or prefer to ignore – that their betrayal of Christianity is what makes these new rituals necessary in the first place, as their absence from Christian tradition was most certainly no coincidence.

You know how this will end. The first proposal will be rejected in order not to upset those who still think they belong to a Christian outfit. In time, a “compromise” will be reached, and then everyone will be so happy Anglicanism has once again showed how “adaptable” it can be. After a while, the full-fledged ceremony will be adopted whilst the next proposal – say: a blessing of the union between a woman and her dog – is presented as the next stage of Anglican inclusiveness.

Christianity will be dismantled in instalments. But the name will remain, and a lip allegiance will continue to be given to something whose meaning has been long lost.

We Catholics are not, at first sight, exempt from danger. We hear now talk of a “theology of love”, which would be – once again – a complete denial of Christianity and is to all intents and purposes a new religion, but under the cloak of the Church.

We are different from the Anglicans, though, because we have the Holy Ghost watching over our (and only) Church, whilst the Anglicans are left alone and free to destroy their sect.

Still, this is the future I can now clearly see. Christianity will die as a mass religion not only in the Attendance to its liturgy or the observance of its precepts, but in the very definition of its values and constituting elements, whilst still keeping the name. People will emphatically assure you that they are Christians, whilst not bearing any resemblance to a Christian in the eyes of every generation before ours. They will, in fact, question your Vhristian credentials, and they will do so exactly because you adhere to what every generation of Christians before ours adhered to. But the names will still be there, parts of the ceremonies, and a grotesquely distorted echo of the original message.

This is what the Anglicans are doing now with their own sect, and the Kasperites are trying to do with Holy Mother Church.

The first will succeed, the second will fail.

Bar repentance, the most terrible punishment awaits both.



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