Catholicism As It Once Was



Many thanks to “Rex”, who comments on the Creative Minority Report post about the extremely strong smell of formal heresy with the following quotes:

Pope Pius IX: None [of the heretical and schismatic ‘communities], not even taken as a whole, constitutes in any way and are not that one Catholic Church founded and made by Our Lord and which He wished to create. Further, one cannot say in any way that these societies are either members or parts of that same Church, because they are visibly separated from Catholic Unity. (Jam Vos Omnes, 1868)

Pope Leo XIII: Jesus Christ never conceived of nor instituted a Church formed of many communities which were brought together by certain general traits — but which would be distinct one from another and not bound together among themselves by ties which make the Church one and indivisible — since we clearly profess in the Creed of our Faith: “I believe in one…Church.” (Satis Cognitum)

Pope Pius XI: It is absurd and ridiculous to say that the Mystical Body can be formed out of separated and disjunct members…It is to depart from divine truth to imagine that a Church which one can neither see nor touch, which would be nothing more than spiritual in which numerous Christian communities would be united by an invisible bond, even though they are divided in faith. (Mortalium Animos)

It is always breathtaking how concise, accessible and nevertheless always extremely clear were the Papal documents of the past, compared with the diabolical disorientation we see today.


Still, you should not think that Francis is simply an idiot. There is no way he has never learned, or has forgotten, all this; there is also no chance he never understood what he meant, of never knew that this is what the Church teaches.

The point is, as I have already stated, extremely clear: the Pope states he does not know whether something is heresy,  and then proceeds to expound and defend his opinion anyway. 

This is John XXII all over again. Like John XXII, Francis knows (his ridiculous and rather rhetorical “I don’t know” notwithstanding) he is proposing a heretical doctrine, but he does not care. He does not care because he does go on expounding it, and he does not care for the very reason that he says what he thinks whilst admitting what he thinks might be a heresy

St Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle!


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  1. You are in fire today Mundabor…greatcwork. The issue warrants such attention. St Michael’s help is definitely needed.

  2. mariachristina9

    Events of the past two weeks should have made it clear that Pope Francis is intent on fundamentally changing the Church into something that is unrecognizable as Catholic. It defies belief how many heresies and blasphemies he has committed in two years. The only chance we have to stop this trainwreck is for the uncorrupted hierarchy to attempt to depose him. I think that the Group of 8 or 9 Cardinals (with the exception of Cardinal Pell) are fellow travelers with Pope Francis. I think they are working together as a “team papacy” because of the momentum and planning of all of the negative changes in the Church. Anyone who is familiar with the show “Survivor” knows about the tactic of the “Alliance”. I think the group was responsible for the election of the Pope by illegal vote canvassing. And it follows that the same maneuvering would be done the next time resulting in a Pope Maradiaga, Marx, O’Malley, etc. to carry on with the planned path of destruction to what’s left of the Church. And it would be worse than Francis because they are all younger and would have a longer papacy. The only way to stop it is what I just suggested which would send a strong message to the group that their plan won’t work again. Mr. M, would you please give me your opinion on what you think of my theory? Thanks!

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