How To Get Rid Of A Heretical Pope

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"You aren't the Pope! You are Stan Laurel! Away with this zucchetto!" “You aren’t the Pope! You are Stan Laurel! Away with this zucchetto!”

And here is the second part of our “Remnant” voyage into the realm of papal heresies: can the church depose a heretical Pope?

“Yes, she can”, is the answer. Follow the link to learn the why and how. An entire section is dedicated to the obvious mistake of the Sedevacantist perception. 

Unfortunately, the absence of a true practical application of the principle (the interesting case of Marcellinius (or Marcellinus) would probably not apply to Francis, and perhaps some will doubt it happened in the first place) makes it very difficult to discern a clear path if Francis were to “go nuclear”.

Say: who would take the initiative of starting the convocation of an ecumenical council? How many bishops would take place? With what money would the entire exercise be financed? How would one know the council is legitimate? 

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