The Soi-Disant Christian And The Trinity

Trinity Sunday moved me to some short reflections I would now like to share with you. 

You hear nowadays people everywhere who – even when they call themselves Christians, or Catholics – have an awful lot of things to say about what the Church gets wrong, or Christianity (very mysteriously) never got right until this generation. 

You never see them questioning the Trinity. 

This is very strange, thinks yours truly. If there is one thing that sounds absurd and impossible to explain to the piercingly inquisitive mind of the modern soi-disant Christian it is… exactly the Trinity! Still, all those people who need to improve on perfectly traditional teaching like the ones on sexuality in general, abortion, divorce, sexual perversion, and the like, never feel the need to improve on this (seemingly) most absurd of teachings. 

The fact is – thinks yours truly – that the belief in the Trinity does not require any sacrifice for the the soi-disant Christian. It is not uncomfortable to him. He can live with it admirably well, without it having a massive impact on his life.

Contraception, fornication, abortion, and the newly discovered fashionable fondness for his “gay friends” are a different matter altogether. They impact his life, now! They demand that he alters his whole way of thinking and acting in matters impinging his daily life! 

And so it happens that our modern thinker, who prides in his oh so rational dissection of Christian thinking, fails to criticise what, if he were really a rational critic of Christianity, he should criticise first. 

This is absurd. If the “modern Christian” accepts the Trinity, he accepts the very concept of Revealed Truth in its most evident form. Our acceptance of truths we do not understand truly begins with our acceptance of the concept that we believe one God we cannot even fathom. In accepting this, we accept the very concept of Truth that we receive without questioning it.

It is, therefore, incoherent that anyone who accepts the concept of received truth in its very foundation would then proceed to question parts of the building erected on this very concept. No one can say that he accept God’s Truth concerning His own nature, but refuses to accept God’s Truth concerning other matters, without sounding like a child who should be sent to bed before he keeps saying more stupidities.

But again, the “critical Christian” in question does not see this blatant contradiction. He is happy with words like “theology of love”, and eager to tell you all the Church has to change in language, attitude, even teaching, in order to conform to some strange fantasy god of his who, evidently, has not been able to tell us how things are up to now. That such a fantasy deity would be such an abject failure that he does not qualify I do not say as god, but as kindergarten teacher, our inquisitive mind clearly does not realise. 

 Mind, though: soi-disant Christian has nothing against calling this strange fantasy god of his a Trinity.

This does not stand in the way of his fornicating, contracepting, aborting, or sodomising.



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  1. You bring up an interesting point. But have you forgotten that the subject of The Trinity just never comes up! I have a sad feeling that any modernist worth his salt would tell you The Trinity is an impossibility and therefore not worthy of belief. And really if you asked any modernist to explain, and agree with, any sentence in the Apostles Creed there would be lots of hemming and hawing.

    Poor Francis has danced around this topic a few times with talk so incomprehensible no one even gets what he’s talking about. And no one is really interested unless he blathers on about “Jesus” or “Mercy” or “Poor.”

    If a subject is not connected with the genitals, or the ‘feelings’ it’s just not getting any attention. Period.

    • Also true.
      But you see, it was Trinity Sunday and I noticed the subject is never chosen as target for attacks.
      But yes, if it has nothing to do with the genitals the liberal will not care for it.

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