Trinity Sunday And Francis’ Strange Religion

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Today is Trinity Sunday.

At the cost of stating the obvious, I will point out that feasts like this one (or like Corpus Domini, or the feast of Christ the King) are there to put certain fundamental aspects of Christianity and Catholicism very forcibly in front of the faithful. The Holy Trinity is, clearly, indispensable component of every Christian thinking.

Still, one wonders how the message can get through, be interiorised and really made their own by the faithful, if the same Trinity is downplayed by the same Not-very-holy Father.

To say that Mohammedans believe in the same God as Christians is to deny the Trinity. To think that Jews do not need to believe in it to be saved is to deny it in a more subtle way.

Francis clearly baptises in the name of the Priest, the Imam and the Rabbi. To him, it’s all pretty much the…

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  1. “To say that muslims believe in the same God as Christians is to deny the Trinity.”
    That seems like an over-simplification, one which you are clearly smart enough to deconstruct, if you were so inclined.

  2. Mundabor,

    Would a claim that adherents of Judaism believe in the same God as we do constitute a denial of the Trinity?

    Also, what should we do with the VII document Nostra Aetate which seems to say that no only adherents of Islam, but even Hinduism, in effect, have the same God that we do?

    • Of course it would. Of course it does. You can’r deny the divinity of Christ and of the Holy Ghost and claim you believe in them.

      Nostra Aetate is badly formulated, and has some paragraphs that actually diverge from catholic doctrine, whilst others reaffirm it. Which is why the calls for his re-writing have been insistent since inception. This is common to the other Conciliar documents. It’s not a recent discovery. The bad, fluffy, approximate theology of then is now degenerating towards an aggressive and official promotion of heresy.


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