A World Made For Scrooges, Nazis, And Francis

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The organisation to which The Most Astonishing Hypocrite In Church History (TMAHICH) would like to entrust the “government of the world” is now proposing to reassess the value of human life based on strictly Nazi criteria. I am not surprised; nor, I think, is Francis himself.

The purely secular view of the world unavoidably leads to a Nazi mentality by which human life is subordinated to the usefulness it can give to the Great World Beehive. The life of the single individual will be weighted according to strict cost/benefits comparisons. If it is deemed that the available resources are better spent on younger worker bees, who can give a better utility to the Beehive per pound spent, then the worker bee will have to die for the good of the Great World  Beehive.

We, born and bred in a still Christian environment, call this behaviour inhuman. But the Nazi nannies, to which Francis undoubtedly belong, never think in terms of Christianity, of even humanity. They think in terms of social grievances, and are completely focused on improving the Beehive. How many bees have to die in the process is not really relevant and can be dismissed as collateral damage. He who wants to build a new world cannot afford the luxury of counting the dead of the old one. He will simply crush everything and everyone that stays in his way. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and Pol Pot all knew this. The UN does too. To disregard human life and let the weak die is in the logic of the Social Grievance Machine.

This obsession with the “improvement of social conditions” whilst not caring I do not say for the health of the souls, but for basic feelings of human decency, is a mark of the Nazi Nanny. Francis does not say so explicitly, but he is a Nazi Nanny through and through, as not only his obsession with social issues but also his demand for a world government led by the UN shows. The man has no Christianity in him. Christianity is a thin veil of trite slogans with which he tries to embellish his real agenda, Global Socialism. The Weltanschauung, the methods, and the rhetoric are the same of cruel atheist dictators the world over. 

So, enjoy a rapid glimpse of what these people, if they were to run the planet, would do to you, and notice that they are doing all in their power to run your life already. Francis is their sponsor. And he the Pope.

St Michael the Archangel, please free us from this man.







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  1. The Remnant linked to a Der Spiegel article written about our current pope. It painted such an innocuous portrait of the man. You got a sense of his South American peculiarity, certainly, but also of the wild adulation of the world. That there are some Germans who truly do think he is not progressive enough gave me a desolate feeling. I guess I’ve been hanging around traditionalist blogs too much because to think there are such brutish people calling themselves Catholics is chilling. Or, are they simply so clueless of the nefarious agenda afoot.

    St Michael the Archangel, defend us.

    • At some point, one has no right to be called clueless anymore.
      Today, the “see no evil” game is the greatest source of evil.

  2. Nazism, liberalism, modernism, socialism or communism and all the rest belong to TMAHICH. You know where they come from? Domine sed libera nos a malo.

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