Michael Coren, The Serial Turncoat

If there was a Turncoat World Championship, I think Michael Coren would be a prime candidate for the win, several times in a row. I now begin breakfast wondering whether Coren will still have the same religious affiliation when I finish it. As to his statements, they can slowly be read with a chronometer at hand, measuring the time until he states the exact opposite. 

Coren has long joined the long list of Judases of the Catholic faith, but this one has an uncommon satanic energy. The man is sheer unbelievable. He writes a book about Catholics being right, and then leaves the Catholic faith. But he doesn’t say it out loud around, because it’s professionally more lucrative to shut up for a while.

Interestingly, the same man who had defended the Catholic church as the bearer of a Truth that goes beyond individual opinion then proceeds to leave the Church because – says his newly found god, called Michael Coren – the Church is now suddenly wrong. Not, mind, wrong on whether vanilla is better than chocolate. No. Wrong on something the Church has always believed, which is unquestionably part of the Deposit of Faith: sexual perversion.

What kind of man is this? A circus attraction?

Coren now even manages to be kicked out of a wannabe Catholic publication   because … he is in favour of abortion!

I am sorry for you, my dear baby. Your father was a rapist, so you (not your father, no; I mean you; yes, you heard me right; I know, I know…; though luck, uh?) will now have to die. Pre-breakfast Michael Coren was, as a Catholic, resolutely opposed to your legalised killing. But that was before breakfast, you see. Post-breakfast Michael Coren thinks you will have to go. Mind, though: your killing is what Michael Coren’s newfound god (called, in case you don’t know, Michael Coren) thinks “compassionate”.

Can you believe this guy? Is he on cocaine? How could he allow himself to be same-sex loved by Satan in such a way, after certainly having been able to fully understand the Catholic message? I know journalism and prostitution are related professions, but this here is extreme. It is first class turn coat excellence. Coren doesn’t contradict himself simply. He must do so in the loudest of ways, and he must still say he is right!

Right… when, exactly? At 10:22 am as a pro-life, pro-sexual sanity Catholic, or at 4:55 pm as a fag-loving, pro-abortion Anglican?

Boy, this one is confused.



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  1. Muddy, I remember reading where this Rotten Apple Coren guy said Pope Francis is “cute”.

    No, not cocaine – just too much grappa…the official drink of Vatican II.

  2. Coren must be a Domneh Jew. (Domneh, a Turkish Jew who pretends to convert to Islam. The word literally means turncoat.) In this guys case, his coat will be turning like a wheel!

  3. Oh, Mundabor, if you were in Canada you’d be hearing all about this guy! His cheerleaders are praising him for his “evolution”, which seems to be one of the cardinal virtues in their church. I’ve heard of people changing their opinion on some subject or another, usually as a result of being personally pinched by the collision between what they want and what God says is right. But what’s happened with Coren is more like a snake shedding his skin. He’s not only gone completely over to the enemy when it comes to “four bare legs in a bed”, he’s also turned on the pro-life movement and is now championing the beautiful mercy of abortion. He’s promoting the Ontario government’s pervert-friendly sex education plan which is to be introduced to kindergartners. And he’s even cooing over that nice Muslim terrorist/murderer, Omar Khadr, who’s been turned loose to roam around Canada. It’s a complete 180 degree turn on EVERYTHING. A year ago, he was writing a book about how Catholics are right; today they make him puke.

    Here’s a Facebook post from today, where he’s bitching about a Catholic priest who had the guts to tell him he’s a fool and a liar: https://www.facebook.com/michael.coren/posts/10155519173640478?pnref=story

    He includes the priest’s email to him, as if to declare, “Can you believe how insane this guy is!” But to me, it’s a pleasure to read something so straightforward and sincere from a priest. I’ve come to expect them all to be namby-pamby wusses, but this guy tells the truth without sugarcoating it.

  4. I tried to remember Coren in my list of ‘must-reads’ but I didn’t, and could never get inspired to engage further than ‘Catholics are Right’. Now I’m glad I didn’t. But I will be glad to disown him to my friends if anyone in my circle remembers him.

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