Rick Santorum’s Double Standard

Gotta love Rick Santorum’s shameless way of ignoring reality… when it’s convenient to him.

The man has now (rightly so, I add) criticised Pope Francis for playing scientist without being one.

There is a problem, though: this is the same man on record for saying of a Trannie that if he thinks he is a woman, “then he is a woman”; a statement whose very English reveals its blatant absurdity, but which Santorum thought convenient to make because it helps his credentials among those who accept or promote perversion. Ah, and that he would “support” a “marrying” pervert should also not remain unsaid. 

Santorum is obviously unwilling to see the glaring contradiction here: a Pope is not allowed to play scientist; but a man is even allowed to play woman and Santorum will say to him that he is a woman just for saying so

A double standard that applies logic only when it is convenient, and leaves it out in the most stupid (and impious) of ways when being logical become uncomfortable.

Can’t wait for Santorum bid to go down in flames.

There are enough Judas around as it is.      



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